Apollo has been manufacturing roller mills since the 1970’s and has perfected the techniques to custom design a unit for just about any function you can propose. In addition to manufacturing roller mills, Apollo will re-groove existing mill rollers and even fabricate mill rollers for out-of-production and antique roller mills. All models are available in PTO or electric drive and can be easily mounted on mixers, with capacities from 50 bu/hr to 1,000 bu/hr, depending upon the product. Electric drives are available in 10 sizes. Apollo manufactures the safest roller mills on the market. The Quick Release lever provides an escape if something is in danger of being drawn into the rollers and this same feature provides easy cleanout, soft starts and ice clearing capability.

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Creativity in the application of roller mill technology has been the cornerstone of Apollo Machines success. Roller mills can be used in a variety of industries and serve a variety of functions. Apollo has built roller mills for flour mills, livestock yards, agricultural research, crop science labs, and pet mortuaries. Stainless steel roller mills can be used in the food processing industry and in commercial breweries and by micro-breweries, brewing boutique beers.

Feed Mills Add to Available Nutrition

Roller mills can contribute to horse care by cracking oat hulls to give access to grain nutrition unavailable in whole grain. In fact, roller mills are an essential element of any livestock feeding operation, whether you are feeding cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, or pigs. Getting the maximum animal nutrition out of grain means cracking the hull of oats, barley, corn, and, even legumes like peas and beans.

Solid steel rollers are used in commercial salt mills and commercial sugar mills. The uses of a roller mill are only limited by your imagination.

Save Time and Money

 Modern farming focuses on efficiency. Since incomes are dropping, profits can only be increased by cutting expenses at every opportunity. For about the same power consumption as an aeration fan, the livestock roller mill is one of the most power-efficient machines on the farm. Just a note on power consumption: A large electric drive mill costs less than $1.00/hr. to run. Tractor power can cost over $60.00/hr.
Take your livestock feed, for instance. You know that rolled or hammered feed is much more nutritious to livestock than grain. Even just cracking the kernel makes much more nutritive value available to livestock than whole grain. If you are not currently processing your feed on the farm, consider the expense involved in paying for custom feed rolling.

First of all, you pay by the tonne to have custom processing done on your raw product. But that’s only the beginning. Consider the cost to truck the feed to the mill. The price of gas and diesel fuel is not dropping!
What about your time? There are man-hours in the truck, traveling back and forth, not to mention time spent waiting for the mill to process and reload your product.

The unit can be mounted either right on the bin, or in close proximity, or even on a skid, so it can be moved to wherever it’s needed. The finished product can be loaded directly on a truck, for immediate feeding, or can be augured into a bin for use at a later time. Either way, you turn it on and leave it. So in addition to saving the waiting time, you can be doing something else while you wait for the rolling to finish, doubling, your efficiency