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  • Apollo Machine - Roller Mills

    Apollo Machine - Roller Mills

    Creativity in the application of roller mill technology has been the cornerstone of Apollo Machines success. Roller mills can be used in a variety of industries and serve a variety of functions. Apollo has built roller mills for flour mills, livestock yards, agricultural research, crop science labs, and pet mortuaries. Stainless steel roller mills can be used in the food processing industry and in commercial breweries and by micro-breweries, brewing...

  • Apollo Machine - Model Sven Series - Grain Mill

    Apollo Machine - Model Sven Series - Grain Mill

    Apollo Machine and Products Ltd. is a manufacturer of superior grain mills. We've been in business for over 40 years and have existed as Apollo Machine and Products Ltd. since the 1970's. Although the Sven mill is designed primarily for grain, it can be used for a variety of functions including rolling corn, seed oil extraction, fertilizer grinding, peas, pulses, and in the micro-brewing industry. This feed mill improves feed efficiency. For example,...

  • Econo - Roller Mill

    Econo - Roller Mill

    The Econo Feed Roller Mill is an economically priced mill for users who demand quality rolled feed for their livestock. The Econo roller mill is perfect for acreage applications, where a small number of horses, goats, elk, bison, wild boar, or sheep are kept. Small poultry operations may also prefer the smaller roller mill.

  • Apollo Machine - Horse Care Roller Mills

    Apollo Machine - Horse Care Roller Mills

    With the growth of horse care facilities the Econo Roller Mill is playing a bigger part in horse health. If you are a horse trainer, you’re boarding horses, or you’re just a horse lover that has a horse or three on your own acreage, you’re probably concerned about the horses’ nutritional needs. An Econo Roller Mill can contribute to horse health by making grain more palatable and giving your horse access to the maximum...

  • Apollo Machine - Roller Mills for Biotechnology Labs & Experimental Farms

    Apollo Machine - Roller Mills for Biotechnology Labs & Experimental Farms

    Roller mills are used in food biotechnology labs and on experimental farms to assess seed nutrition values, extract oil from seeds, crush oil extraction byproducts, and to destroy experimental, genetically modified seed. Although biotechnology labs refer to the machine as a Custom Cracker or a Roller Flaker, rolling mills are essential research tools in the pursuit of innovation and technology to help farmers around the world be successful, produce...

  • Apollo Machine - Swath Rollers

    Apollo Machine - Swath Rollers

    Swath Rollers available in 8' width; 9' and 10' rollers available on request. 16 gauge steel construction with tapered drum. Steel construction to give Swath Rollers years of dependable use. Adjustable hitch for pulling Swath Roller from center or either side. 2 x 3 tubing on frame. Easy roller height adjustment. Heavy duty hubs and spindles. 38' diameter outer cones with 30' diameter centre drum. Unit comes with rims, tires are optional.