Aquaculture Production Technology Ltd. (APT)

Aquaculture Production Technology Ltd. (APT)

APT - Aquaculture Production Technology (Israel) Ltd. was established in 1978 by a group of scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a group of industrial development engineers. Fish farming is a multidisciplinary, capital-intensive, technology-based food production branch. Fish farming, like all animal husbandries, can be implemented in various ways. APT has gained the means, experience and expertise to ensure successful design, construction and operation of large-scale advanced fish farms. APT has been active in aquaculture fish farming in some 30 countries, across 5 continents.

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P.O.Box 5070 , Kiriat Bialik , 27150 Israel
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Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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Main business:

  • Technology Transfer in the fields of fish and Shrimp aquaculture development.

Our mission:

  • Provide complete Technology Package for the design, engineering, construction and operation of advanced fish & Shrimp farming projects.
  • APT employs biologists, aquaculture production experts, industrial, processing and water engineers, environmental experts and economists.

APT has been active in aquaculture fish farming in some 30 countries, across 5 continents.

APT provides technological backing, based on:

  • Proven record – 25 years of experience.
  • In-house expertise in the biological, engineering, production and processing aspects of fish farming.
  • Successful adaptation of the technology to large-scale industrial projects.
  • Establishment of complete production line, “from Egg to Fillet”.
  • Consistent on-going supply of fresh fillets to the US and other markets.
  • Use of high performance genetic stocks.
  • Proven compliance with environmental and quality international standards.

Special expertise:

  • Tilapia and other fish farming, provided on 'turn-key' basis.
  • Integration of fish and Shrimp projects: design of extensive, as well as intensive systems, production in mono-culture and in poly-culture and Crop Rotation fish farming system.
  • Modular, compact intensive fish farming production systems.
  • Multi-purpose aquaculture systems for alternate production of Tilapia, Catfish and other aquatic crops.
  • Integration of aquaculture and irrigated agriculture.
  • Fish farming under limited water availability and water management optimization.
  • Fish and Shrimp farming in fresh water or sea water.
  • Tilapia farming under temperature constraints.
  • Environmentally sound aquaculture systems.
  • HACCP approved fish Processing Plant, provided on a 'turn-key' basis .
  • Design of various water management systems, including open-water systems, ‘green-water’ re-circulation systems and ‘zero exchange’ re-circulation systems.
  • Complete Production Line and Manual of Operation for production of various fish species and Shrimp, including brood stock maintenance, hatchery, spawning, nursery, growout and processing.
  • Adaptation and formulation of feeds, for various aquaculture crops, and in various production systems, using local and/or imported ingredients.