Aqualife Services Limited

Aqualife Services Limited

Aqualife Services Limited

Aqualife is a global leader in fish care and vaccination services. We work with clients around the world to deliver a range of professional services to the aquaculture industry, working in partnership with our clients to ensure their fish are well looked after, healthy and in the best condition possible. We are located in Scotland and Norway, at the heart of the world’s aquaculture centre of excellence.

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Wallace House, 1st Floor, 5 Whitehouse Road, Stirling , Scotland , FK7 7TA United Kingdom
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From our head office in Stirling, central Scotland, we work with aquaculture clients across the world from the West Coast of Scotland and Norway, to Asia and the Faroe Islands.

We are a service and values led organisation, and pride ourselves on offering the very best in fish care through onsite, fully trained and experienced vaccination teams – setting the industry benchmarks for quality, safety and hygiene.

We are the world’s largest fish vaccine delivery company based in Stirling, Scotland and Lofoten, Norway.

Since 1996 we have been leading and pioneering commercial fish health and welfare both in Scotland and Norway. Our amazing fish care professionals have vaccinated more than 700 million fish to date. That’s roughly £10 billion of fish kept healthy and disease free.

Trust our experienced staff and professional, flexible and cost effective service to add real value to your business. Read on to find out more.

Aquaculture is farming in water, just as agriculture is farming on land.  Both have been going on for thousands of years but it’s only recently that aquaculture has expanded to be the thriving global industry that it is today.

Now the fastest growing animal food-producing sector, aquaculture includes the farming of a vast range of aquatic organisms, including fish, shellfish (molluscs, and crustaceans) and aquatic plants, in freshwater or seawater, utilising systems from low to very high tech.

Aquaculture is diverse, exciting and important, employing dedicated people from many countries. Key players include China, which accounts for over 60% of world production, and Norway, which accounts for over 40% of the European aquaculture sector; Spain, France and Scotland are the next largest three.

In Scotland, home to Aqualife’s HQ, there is significant production of rainbow trout and mussels but the aquaculture industry is dominated by Atlantic Salmon farming.  Over the past forty years, salmon farming has brought new life to Europe’s northwest coastal communities. Salmon from farms in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe Island, produced to consistently high quality standards, now form regular meals for satisfied consumers across the globe.  

Successful aquaculture businesses know that healthy fish mean healthy profits.  Here at Aqualife we are proud to play a significant part in ensuring that fish are farmed in a way which maximises their health and welfare and so help in developing and sustaining the aquaculture industry in Norway, Scotland and worldwide.


Fish care professionals – it’s our tagline and it’s who we are.

Our goal is to provide professional fish health and welfare services to our customers in the Aquaculture industry. Our focus is on customers, who, like us, are driven by quality and high standards.Our aim is to build strong relationships with our customers leading to long-term trusting partnerships.

We started out as leaders and pioneers in our field and that holds true to this day.

  • Aqualife was the first company to specialise in fish vaccination.
  • We were the first UK company to break into the Norwegian market.
  • We are the biggest, specialist fish vaccine delivery company in the world.
  • We pioneered cod vaccination.
  • We developed PD vaccination techniques.
  • Not only were we the first fish vaccination company to be Global Gap registered, our Technical Director sits on Global Gaps Aquaculture committee.
  • Our Government recognises our potential and supports us through their high growth initiatives. We are the only account managed aquaculture business in Scotland.
  • We continue to lead the way in vaccination technology and training through our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of the West of Scotland and through our association with LANTRA, Scotland’s rural skills provider.
  • We have pioneered tax and working practices between Scotland and Norway. In fact we know more about it than most accountants.
  • Our fish vaccination course is the best there is. It’s so good, LANTRA has approved it and added it to their list of approved courses.

But we’ve not finished yet. We are driven as a company to challenge accepted industry norms and we are always looking for new ways of doing things. We are committed to building our brand around the world and giving customers real choice for their farm service needs. We want to build a caring company that empowers its people to be all they can be, where innovation is the norm and we want to raise the standards of fish health and welfare wherever we work.

Fish care professionals, it’s who we are