Aquaneering, Inc.

Aquaneering, Inc.

Aquaneering is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacture of Fluidized Bed Biofiltration systems for aquatics research housing. A key component in aquatic research housing systems is the quality of the water, critical to animal health and research integrity. Since 1988, Aquaneering has been involved in the revolutionary advancement of filtration systems. Aquaneering pioneered the Fluidized Bed/ Bead Filter combination and introduced this innovation to the research community. It has since become the standard for the industry. A manufacturer of fish farm equipment and member of the California Aquaculture Association.

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7960 Stromesa Court , San Diego , California 92126 USA
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  • Degreed professionals in Aquaculture, Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Marine Biology
  • Experienced Project Managers with decades of success in manufacturing, installing and maintaining complex systems including Shrimp Maturation, Zebrafish Research, Xenopus and other Aquatic Species Research, and Fish Breeding.
  • Dedicated and talented installation and maintenance technicians
  • Plastics and metals fabrication specialists in-house


  • Over 25 years Aquaculture manufacturing experience
  • Pioneered Bead Filter and Fluidized Bed Process Flow
  • Introduced Fluidized Bed and Bead Filter to Aquatic Research community
  • Designer, fabricator and installer of the largest Zebrafish Systems in the US
  • Designer, fabricator and installer of one of the largest Zebrafish Systems in Europe


  • Created and perfected the Process Flow for Fluidized Bed Biofilter Systems that has become the Research Industry standard
  • Promoted the no-maintenance Fluidized Bed Biofilter for highest water quality with non detectable levels of ammonia (less than 0.1 ppm)


  • Highly skilled trained technicians and technical support personnel
  • One year or more Service Contract with Preventive Maintenance Visits