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  • Aquaculture - Filtration

  • Aquaneering - Bead Filters

    Aquaneering - Bead Filters

    Aquaneering uses Propeller Washed Bead Filters for mechanical removal of suspended solids. Bead filters are combined with our Fluidized Bed Biofilters for a complete water filtration system. Bead filters provide efficient mechanical filtration down to 20 microns in size and use very little water for backwashing. Aquaneering’s proprietary backwash manifold design also makes backwashing possible without shutting the system down. And with the...

  • AquaSterile - UV & UV Sterilizers

    AquaSterile - UV & UV Sterilizers

    Aquaneering is proud to use and carry Aquaneering Commercial Ultraviolet Sterilizers and Emperor Aquatics Ultraviolet Sterilizers.

  • Aquaculture - Fish Transport Tanks

  • Aquaneering - Stainless Steel Fish Transport Tanks

    Aquaneering - Stainless Steel Fish Transport Tanks

    We're proud of the stainless live haul truck we built for the State of Idaho, which included many special features: Stainless steel construction. Mounted to DOT truck chassis. Pneumatic walkway with handrail. Monitoring system including oxygen monitoring probes, temperature probe, and carbon dioxide monitoring system.. Backup generator. A/C- and D/C-powered aerators. Gate valves (10'). Custom hose storage. Pressure switch in oxygen manifold. Transfer...

  • Aquaneering - Aluminum Fish Transport Tanks

    Aquaneering - Aluminum Fish Transport Tanks

    We custom build to fit your delivery trucks. We’ve loaded and unloaded enough fish at 5 am in the dark to know what’s easy, and we’ve designed it. High capacity transport tanks for live fish. All aluminum, double wall. All welded construction with 2-inch thick insulation. Pickup and Bobtail models available. Standard and custom sizes. Recessed aluminum slide gate. Recessed stainless steel T-handles. Extra strong stainless steel dump...

  • Rotomolded Tanks

    Rotomolded Tanks

    Rotational molding, or rotomolding, offers several advantages over other methods of molding: strength and durability, uniform wall thickness, design flexibility, and low cost. Aquaneering rotomolded tanks are used in large-scale aquaculture applications, such as fish breeding and housing, as well as large fish research and toxicology testing. Fabricated from polyethylene, the tanks are available in blue, black, or custom colors and are easily drilled...

  • Aquatic Housing - Zebrafish Aquatic Housing Systems

  • Modular Systems Requiring Central Filtration

    Modular Systems Requiring Central Filtration

    Aligned in rows and attached to a central filtration system, efficiently designed aquatic housing systems allow excellent usability for multiple rack configurations.  Aquaneering has built some of the largest aquatic research systems in the world.