AquaScan AS

AquaScan AS

AquaScan manufacture and sell electronic measuring equipment used for counting fish being transported in pipes. We have a wide range of counters ready to meet the demands from the smallest fish farms to the largest well-boats and processing plants. Our fish counters utilize state of the art imaging technology, electronics and software to ensure that the operators are always provided with precise information. In addition to the impressive accuracy of our counters, it is also important for us to deliver durable units able to work flawlessly in the harsh marine environment for years. Our counting systems are easy to use, easy to move and get the job done quickly and accurately with a minimum of manpower.

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Nordlysveien 4 , Bryne , N-4340 Norway
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AquaScan fish counters are based on a patended measuring principle which delivers both high capacity and accuracy. The fish flows through a pipe and passes an advanced sensor that registers its size and speed.

The large amount of registered data is continuously transferred to a Control Unit, which will process data from up to 4 counters at the same time.

The system is not dependent on the fish passing one by one. When several fish pass the sensor at the same time, the Control Unit will use an continuously updated average weight as a base for calculating the correct number and size of the fish.

Advanced elecronics and software ensures that the number and size of the fish are always reliable.

Our patented measuring principle was developed by company founder and general manager Torbjørn Kvassheim.

It started with his thesis work at the regional university in Stavanger, Norway in 1989. The measuring principle represented a new method of counting where the distance between the objects passing the sensor was no longer relevant. This made it possible to start producing fish counters of high capacity and accuracy, and the company was founded in 1990.

After the original AquaScan C-series smolt counter had become a hit in the early 1990´s, the international market was now demanding a way of fast and accurate counting for fish of different sizes and species. This resulted in the development of the CS-series, specifically designed for counting fish being transported in pipes.

The CS-series became a great success, and in 2000 the CSE-series saw the light of day. Directly based on its predecessor, the CSE-series had a much tougher and service friendly modul-based construction. The CSE-series are still our best sellers, and they have been upgraded several times since the first units.

The CSF-series was also developed in the early 2000´s. They were made for a heavier market, where the need for moving and counting enormous amounts of fish very fast was a key factor. These counters are used in pipesystems where the pipes are completely filled with water. They have two sensor modules, which allows them to see the fish from two different angles.

In the late 2000´s, the CSW-series made its way to the customers. These smolt-counters are somewhat different from the others, as they have no need for a pipe inside. The fish will flow through freely using the full width of the sensor area. This, and sta1te of the art high resolution cameras, makes them very efficient for counting large amounts of smaller fish.