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AquaSpy provides comprehensive solutions to manage water resources more effectively. AquaSpy`s products provide the ability to precisely measure and monitor soil moisture, weather water flow and water depth. By using today`s most advanced technologies, AquaSpy delivers accurate answers to meet climate variations and plant needs. The result is better irrigation management decisions, significantly improved quality, disease resistance and yield. AquaSpy is a product designer and Master Distributor of products that provide a complete, integrated solution to enhance water management.

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13230 Evening Creek Dr. S. Ste:222 , San Diego , CA 92128 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)
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Provide actionable intelligence to our growers so they can make real time irrigation decisions to increase yields.

Through our proprietary technology, AQUASPY is enabling our GROWERS to control what they can rather than leaving it to chance.

Thousands of fields are using AquaSpy and not leaving it to chance.

Setting yourself up for the best possible yield by controlling what you can is far superior than leaving it up to nature only.

Images that are easy to understand for quick decisions.

We tell you where you are, where you’ve been and where you need to go every hour of every day.

No modeling. No guessing. We let the plant speak for itself.

Track crop behavior of both water and nutrients though a 48” profile.

Real time data every 4 inches for water, nutrients and temperature.

10-40% Yield Increase

Our data shows the most direct impact to Superior Yields is assuring that water and nutrients exist in the Active Root Zone (ARZ) when and where the plant attempts to uptake these vital elements.

Know Exactly What You Need to Know When You Need To Know It

  • Crop Health
  • Data Sent Every Hour
  • Phone, I-Pad, Laptop
  • Text Alerts

Yield Efficiency Score (YES!) is the world’s first scoring system to provide meaningful feedback to the grower about the effectiveness of their process control. The better the score, the more likely to result in the best possible yield nature will allow.