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  • Agriculture

  • Sealed Storage Tank

    Sealed Storage Tank

    When moist grain is stored in a sealed (air tight) silo, the grain converts the oxygen in the silo to carbon dioxide (CO2) and alcohol - i.e. the grain 'commits suicide'. The grain looses its germination ability, and there are no risks of vermins - as they cannot live in the oxygen-free surroundings. The process preserves and fermentates the grain - leading to the nutrient value of the grain being easier absorbed by the animals.

  • Moist - Grain Silo

    Moist - Grain Silo

    With a moist grain, sealed silo plant for storage of your feed grain, you have many advantages - and it is our most important task to meet the expectations of our customers. By developing, selling and maintaining sealed moist grain silo plants, we do out utmost to secure a healthy economy for our customers, and high quality feed grain - for the benefit of both the animals and the...

  • Maize Kernel Silo

    Maize Kernel Silo

    Sealed storage of maize kernels in an Assentoft silo allows for storing and handling large quantities of moist maize kernels both rationally and economically. Your contribution margin will increase considerably, as you avoid recurring costs of drying, acid treatment and crimping. The sealed stored, wet maize kernels develop a pH-value of approx. 3.5 and are consequently aggressive towards untreated and crude steel. Therefore, the Assentoft maize silo...

  • Industry

  • Cement Silos

    Cement Silos

    Assentoft Silo projects, manufactures and erects silo plants for the cement industry, including e.g.

  • Fish Feed Silo and Tanks

    Fish Feed Silo and Tanks

    The fish feed industry stores various products in Assentoft Silo tanks and silos. The silos are made from hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, providing excellent corrosion protection and requiring no maintenance. As the silos are bolted on site, the erection period is very short. The robust silo wall is very suitable for aggressive environments - e.g. ports with salty air. Our line of products also includes transport plants for loading and unloading of...

  • Grain Blowers

  • Grain Suction Blowers for Tractor Operation

    Grain Suction Blowers for Tractor Operation

    Capacity: 10-35 tons/hour . Type S 5000: 3-step blower - as trailer- or lift model. PTO rpm 540. Tractor size min. 50 kW . Type S 7500: 4-step blower - as trailer model with standard aircleaner system. PTO rpm 1000. Tractor size min. 70 kW. Available with or without loading equipment.