Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) is a business association which represents the interests of major companies of the Ukrainian agri-food sector. Since its foundation in 2007 UCAB has not only become one of the best known and most influential branch organizations in Ukraine, but also gained respect in many other countries of the world.

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3 floor, 146 Zhylianska Str. , Kiev , 0103 Ukraine

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Professional association
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Globally (various continents)

Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB) is a business association which represents interests of leading companies of the Ukrainian agro-food sector. In 2015, the authority and importance of UCAB for domestic agriculture-oriented business were confirmed by affiliation of several resource companies with UCAB, aimed at further agricultural business development in Ukraine.

The aim of our work is to promote efficient agribusiness in Ukraine and refers to all of its processes, from recruitment and search of investment opportunities, up to practical tasks such as the increase of agricultural companies’ efficiency, and the development of proposals on improvement of agricultural policy in Ukraine.

Membership in the Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” gives the companies obvious benefits: from the information and knowledge to support in solving many practical issues.

In 2015, UCAB kept hold of the status Association No.1 in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, consolidating more than 80important representatives of the industry.

In addition to activities such as recruiting, event management, market research, PR, we have significantly strengthened information activities for UCAB members about legislative processes as well as efforts for professional development of personnel in agricultural companies.

The vocation of UCAB is to promote the synergies of common interests of bodies of state power and administration, agribusiness and rural communities aiming at the creation of conditions for sustainable and dynamic development of the sector.

The mission of UCAB is to actively contribute to the creation of an export-oriented, highly efficient and innovative agricultural sector in Ukraine.

Vision of UCAB: Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” is the largest professional association of Ukrainian agri-food sector, progressive-minded and represented in most regions of the country, offering a wide range of services for agribusiness.

The main priorities in UCAB activities:

  • To support in communication with the bodies of state power and administration, including involvement into legislation development;
  • To set up beneficial communication for business (В2В);
  • To provide the full-spectrum services for agricultural, food and resources companies.

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club – is the first agribusiness-association with certified system of quality management.

In July 2012, the association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” has got a certificate from one of most respected European certification bodies – TÜV SÜD Ukraine, which recognized the fact of implementing and using by UCAB the system of quality management that completely meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 when it develops and provides services for agricultural and resources companies.

In July 2012, one of most respected European certification bodies – TÜV SÜD Ukraine awarded the association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” with a certificate, which recognized the fact of implementing and using by UCAB the system of quality management that completely meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 when it develops and provides services for agricultural and resources companies.

“The received certificate on the system of quality management is the argument demonstrating the quality of our activities provided for all our members and partners. Therefore,  certification of UCAB on compliance with international standards is not only a question of image strengthening. First of all, for us it is the confirmation of the high quality level in our work and the team’s professionalism which reflects in increasing dynamics of UCAB’s membership and partnership. And now we have got the international certificate”, - noted the Executive Director of UCAB Taras Vysotskyi.

“Orientation on quality is the fundamental point for existence of any company. It is the instrument which opens the new chances in the contemporary competitive environment. In fact, more and more partners have been recently requiring evidences of quality guarantee from any organization through its certification as necessary condition for doing civilized business. That is why I am very pleased to underline that UCAB is the first professional association of agribusiness representatives which has got the international recognition of its high quality work confirmed by the certificate of TÜV SÜD Ukraine. It means that both members and partners of our association might be aware that in reply on any their request or needs they will have got an assistance of the best quality based on international experience of UCAB’s group of experts and the high level responsibility and professionalism of our team” -  said the President of UCAB Alex Lissitsa.

Should be underlined that UCAB certification has become the logical  result of over half-year process to build the quality management system in the organization within which all business processes were systemized and worked out, the algorithm of the chain work was set up, the system of continuing improvement of activities quality based on feedback from the members and partners was implemented, and transition to the activity complaining all international principles of quality management was realized.

In June 2013, UCAB successfully passed through supervising audit done by the international certification body TÜVRheinland. It confirmed not only the fact of meeting by the Association the international standards requirements in the area of quality management but also the fact of continuing development and improvement of professional level when providing services to the members, clients and partners.