Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA) is an industry-funded association that works on behalf of the salmon farming industry in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ACFFA represents 95 per cent of salmon production in the Maritime region in addition to a wide range of supporting companies and organizations. Although the vast majority of finfish farmers grow salmon, many companies are now expanding to include other finfish species such as cod, trout and arctic char as well as mussels and seaweeds from integrated multi-trophic aquaculture farms.

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226 Limekiln Road , Letang , New Brunswick E5C 2A8 Canada

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Professional association
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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Nationally (across the country)

The ACFFA is formerly known as the New Brunswick Salmon Growers’ Association (NBSGA), which has represented New Brunswick salmon farmers since 1987. In October, 2010, the Board of Directors of the NBSGA voted unanimously to expand the organization’s focus to include Nova Scotia and to change its name to the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association.

To view our perspective on salmon farm development in Nova Scotia, please read our white paper entitled 'A Salmon Aquaculture Strategy for Nova Scotia.' This document articulates our vision for private invesment in salmon aquaculture as a catalyst to grow jobs, increase production and expand exports to realize the potential of a homegrown opportunity for rural Atlantic Canada.

Industry Vision
Atlantic Canada's finfish aquaculture industry will continue to be an innovative, competitive economic sector that is a recognized world leader in sustainable finfish production.

Our Mission
To provide value to our members by taking a leadership role in the development and implementation of strategies that are focused on fish health and welfare, environmental stewardship, innovation and social responsibility within our communities.

Association Goals

  1. Assure the ongoing improvement and implementation of fish health initiatives that support production of safe, high-quality farmed finfish
  2. Build effective structures and relationships that result in a single voice for the finfish aquaculture industry in Atlantic Canada
  3. Facilitate the development and awareness of training and education programs that support increased career opportunities, especially in rural and coastal communities in Atlantic Canada
  4. Collaborate with all levels of government in developing sound regulatory frameworks and effective support structures and relationships
  5. Support scientific research and technological development that is industry-driven and ensures the ongoing sustainability of an innovative Atlantic aquaculture industry
  6. Continue to respect the environment in which our members operate and work with other stakeholders to enhance environmental stewardship
  7. Ensure a secure business climate that provides the infrastructure necessary to support greater investment and profitability of the Atlantic Canadian farmed finfish sector
  8. Build and maintain positive relationships with local communities, other marine resource users and conservation organizations
  9. Forge a positive image for Atlantic finfish aquaculture through regional, national and international initiatives
  10. Manage the Association ensuring it remains a strong, representative organization providing value to its members

We actively support our wider community by participating in communication, research and management initiatives with other stakeholders. This includes the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, Aquaculture Association of Canada, National Fish Health Working Group, International Salmon Farmers Association, and North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization.

Closer to home, the ACFFA is engaged with organizations supporting wild salmon conservation, local sea food events, farm days and we sit on various provincial planning committees, harbour wharves steering committees, etc.