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  • Eco - Model 500 - Lawn Mower

    Eco - Model 500 - Lawn Mower

    Welcome to the environmentally friendly Eco 500 lawn mower. This superb small 4 wheeled mower is ideally suited to the small garden or where noise is a major concern. Using a 24 volt battery to power the Eco 500 for up to 80 minutes makes this mower very quiet in operation and cableless.  Not only will the Eco 500 mow your lawn in the convencional way by cut & collect but with a simple blade change can mulch as well! This comes as standard...

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  • Lawn Edgers

  • Eliet  - Model KS 240 STD - Lawn Edgers

    Eliet - Model KS 240 STD - Lawn Edgers

    The edge of your lawn is one of those hard to reach locations. In places where even the best mower comes up short you simply use the Eliet rolling lawn edger. One session with the Eliet KS 240, restores the situation to normal. The Eliet rolling lawn edger is a compact but nonetheless highly functional machine that excels at its job.

  • Leaf Blowers

  • Eliet  - Model BL 360 - Leaf Blowers

    Eliet - Model BL 360 - Leaf Blowers

    The Eliet BL 360 is highly manoeuvrable, lightweight and gets into the smallest corners. The broad turbine reduces noise, which significantly increases comfort of use. Thanks to the anti-vibration handlebar, the Eliet BL 360 is a true pleasure to work with. This small wizard is available with a power source from 5 to 6.5 hp.