AUSA is a family company focused on innovation. AUSA designs, manufactures and markets compact commercial vehicles for construction, municipalities, industry, agriculture and many other sectors. It was founded in 1956 and currently AUSA has subsidiaries in France, Mexico, Brazil and USA; with representative offices in Madrid, UK, Germany, EUA and China. AUSA delivers products to over 90 countries through more than 450 distributors in 5 continents.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • Mission: The activity is aimed at designing, producing and marketing industrial compact vehicles that represent a market niche, aspiring to be the global leader on the market that competes.
  • Vision: Get the global leadership at the market segments in which AUSA competes.
  • Values: AUSA is looking to be close to the customer and a source of value creation with excellent products and services that exceed user expectations.

We have some specific values of the company and the product:

Values of the Company:

  • Competitive: Customer satisfaction with the maximum contribution of value to make the company profitable.
  • Innovative: A company with ability to develop products, services and processes differently and better than what exists in the market.
  • Family Business: Will remain a family business. The family is involved in management to ensure business continuity in the long term.
  • Leader: Products and services that stand out in the market for their excellence.
  • Integrative: Teamwork. The team is involved with the strategy. Suppliers and distributors are committed to AUSA.
  • Future: Search profitability and sustainable growth. Reinvest in innovation and human resources to provide more customer value, thus achieving a virtuous cycle that ensures the future of the company.

Values of the Product:

  • Economic value: Functional and efficient products that provide high return on investment.
  • Innovation: Products and services with competitive advantages that are widely recognized by customers.
  • Robustness: Simple designs for durability and strength, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Ergonomics: Products designed for ease of use, to ensure comfort and reduce operator fatigue for increased productivity.
  • Safety: Products designed to minimize the risk of use.
  • Ecology: Respect for the environment.

The innovation culture

AUSA understands that innovation is a must in order to keep the leadership and to boost the company to the future, as the founder and Honorary President Maurici Perramon says. He knows that innovation is the only truly competitive advantage to go into a everyday more changing and demanding market

For AUSA, innovation is to develop excellent products and services that exceed customer expectations and provide high added value.

AUSA realized in 2001 that well defined innovation procedures were more profitable for the company. It made AUSA go further on the systematization, defining numerous types of innovation, creating a structure to perform the changes and starting up a structured innovation processes.

There are 3 key factors to innovate:

  1. The organization of innovation does not depend on a single person.
  2. The organization of innovation does not affect the daily operations of the company.
  3. Innovation must be done by everyone in the company.

Knowledge management and available information is  the key to the generation of good ideas for AUSA.

The first step, prior to the generation, is to publicize and educate the staff on what criteria is used to consider an idea as good and in line with the strategy of the company. People at AUSA knows well this strategy in its fundamentals and it maintains a high motivation reinforced by the company’s feedback about their ideas.

In order to have an especially strong corporate personality and emotional capital innovation is highly needed. These are the only competitive advantage that can not be copied, unlike products, quality and service.

The management and owners of AUSA use a holistic approach in order to build an innovation culture that strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit of the original founders of the company with modern management systems. It is this set of factors which allows AUSA to keep innovating continuously as a basis for achieving sustainable results over time.

The value of the team

Undoubtedly, companies are made by people, and in the philosophy of AUSA people are the main driver of their evolution and successes achieved year after year that the company reaps.

The personal and professional development of the AUSA team is one of the goals of the HR department. A set of policies have been defined and included in the management model, called “Plà Xispa”, which aims to ensure that each person is CEO of his own job, based on concepts such as responsibility, increasing added value, creativity, innovation, ensuring all issues, proactivity, continuous improvement, etc..

In addition, every employee of the company should enjoy their job, in order to make the most of what he can, getting through teamwork, under a matrix structure, to grow the value of the entire company.

Aspects such as competency management, deployment of objectives, career and training plans, compensation policies aligned to the goals, versatility plans, reconciliation plan, etc., are some of the tools to achieve the levels set in the “Plà Xispa”, making the motivation and commitment of people is aligned with the business plan.

All this, with a good selection of the best professionals in the sector, has led to AUSA to be one of the best companies to work for in Spain, having managed to be on the list of Great Places to Work for five consecutive years and improving year after year.

Some AUSA facts and figures.

  • AUSA was founded in 1956.
  • Since 1961 is an industrial compact vehicle manufacturer.
  • World leader in Dumpers up to 10tn and rough terrain forklifts up to 5TN.
  • It has a 25% of the world market share of Dumpers up to 10tn. and all-terrain forklifts up to 5TN.
  • Until 2012 AUSA has manufactured 120,000 vehicles.
  • It has 9 representative offices located throughout the world (Spain, France, UK, Germany, China, UAE, Mexico and Brazil).
  • Sells and provides service through 481 distributors around the world.
  • Sold in 80 countries on 5 continents.
  • He has received 8 awards for innovation.
  • All manufactured products have been developed in the AUSA R & D department that employs a 10% of all employees in the company.
  • Invests a minimum of 3% of sales in R + D + i.
  • Has 6 product lines with a total of 70  models.
  • AUSA has been for 5 consecutive years  on the lists of the  Great Places to Work Institute as one of the best companies to work for in Spain