AVAG is the leading Dutch association for contractors and fitters in greenhouse horticulture in The Netherlands. AVAG promotes the joint interests of affiliated members and fosters greenhouse horticulture in The Netherlands and abroad. AVAG organises several general and workgroup meetings for its members to discuss business and determine policy.

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ABC Westland 122 , Poeldijk , South Holland 2685 Netherlands

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Professional association
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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)

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AVAG, the leading trade organisation for contractors and fitters in glasshouse horticulture in the Netherlands, promotes the joint interests of affiliated members and fosters glasshouse horticulture in the Netherlands and abroad.

Each year, AVAG organises several general and workgroup meetings to:

  • discuss business
  • determine policy
  • have the Board render account of its actions

Another important role of these meetings is that it enables AVAG members to meet. The establishment of internal networks of members as well as external networks including other organisations is one of AVAG's key tasks.

Over the past few years, AVAG has initiated activities in various fields and contributed to various projects. Key examples include:

  • developing and 'maintaining' Green Label funds; AVAG is a member of the Board of Experts
  • developing and funding the Greenhouse of the Future at the 2002 Floriade horticultural show
  • promoting the establishment of Dutch and European glasshouse construction standards
  • consulting with the Health and Safety Inspectorate, the Dutch Organisation for Agriculture and Horticulture (LTO Nederland) and organisations of subcontractors, consultancy firms and insurers with regard to safety and working conditions in the glasshouse construction sector
  • consulting with all market parties regarding safe and efficient glasshouse repairs, which resulted in the Covenant on Safety and Repairs in Glasshouse Construction
  • participating in the International Horti Fair (the former Dutch Horticulture Trade Fair); AVAG is one of the major parties involved in the Horti Fair
  • participating in the Foundation for the Co-ordination of Contingency Plans (abbreviated to CCG in Dutch)
  • participating in HortiQ (www.hortiq.nl)
  • development of health and safety regulations - only in Dutch- (www.avagarbocatalogus.nl)

SENK: the AVAG quality label

The quality and quality promotion of the Dutch glasshouse industry have always been important aims of AVAG. The participation of AVAG in the realization of the Dutch and European standards for glasshouse constructions clearly indicate this. AVAG also contributed to the realization of the Dutch quality directive for water- and fertilizer units in horticulture.

The possession of a quality certificate is one way for a company to show its quality policy. Several AVAG members have an ISO 9000 certificate, which says a lot about their quality level. However, ISO 9000 is not specifically aimed at the glasshouse industry or horticulture.

There is one quality certificate that was especially developed for the glasshouse industry. This certificate is awarded by SENK, which is the Dutch acronym for 'Foundation for the Recognition of Dutch Glasshouse Builders'. SENK was founded in 1997 and its aim is to promote the quality of the Dutch glasshouse industry. SENK and AVAG are working in collaboration since 2001.

At first SENK was aimed at exporting glasshouse builders but at the beginning of 2004, AVAG and SENK reached an agreement about an important extension of the scope of the SENK certificate. The certificate will also be available for companies who are operating on the Dutch market only and for installation companies, provided of course that these companies meet the requirements to earn the certificate.

The extension and adjustment of the SENK certificate will take some time but when it’s ready this means an important impulse for the quality of the sector.

AVAG is an association within the meaning of the Netherlands Civil Code. As such, it has legal personality. The Articles of Association, last amended in 1998, have been laid down in a notarial deed and a new amendment is underway.

With a view to improving meeting efficiency, AVAG has established three workgroups, each one of which specialises on a specific area; glasshouse construction, fitting techniques, export.

The chairpersons of these workgroups are Board members specialised in the relevant field. The workgroups discuss issues relevant to their field. General subjects beyond the scope of the workgroup are addressed by the general meeting.

Policy is determined by the association's highest body (i.e. the general meeting) and implemented by the Board. Board members are appointed by the general meeting for four years. The chairperson's term is two years.

AVAG's Board comprises the following members:

  • Harm Maters (Chairman)
  • Ron van der Arend
  • Hans Harting
  • Patrick Lek
  • Wil van Roest
  • Theo Sanders
  • Martin Steentjes