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  • Soil Preparation

  • Multivator - Multifunctional Cultivator

    Multivator - Multifunctional Cultivator

    Multivator: the name already reveals the multifunctionality: This cultivator can be used for seed bed preparation at the front of the tractor, but also for seeding preparation at the back of the tractor. For a good tuber placement, a good loose soil and an unridden plant bed are conditions. With the multivator, a 20% higher yield is possible, along with a better sorting. All this is attained with the Multivator in...

  • Planters

  • AVR  - Model UH3710  - 2 Row Planting Machines

    AVR - Model UH3710 - 2 Row Planting Machines

    The UH3710 is the basic model from the AVR planting machine family. This mechanically driven planting machine is equipped with a 650 kg fixed bunker (1,000 kg as an option). The Underhaug planting element is mounted, which results in precise planting operations, even at high driving speeds. Inter row distances of 75 to 90 cm are possible. The planting distance in the rows can be set mechanically (30 steps). By default the machine is...

  • Model UH3745 - 4-Row Pulled Hydraulically Driven Planting Machine

    Model UH3745 - 4-Row Pulled Hydraulically Driven Planting Machine

    The UH3745 is a 4-row pulled hydraulically driven planting machine. The hydraulic drive has a number of operational advantages. The planting distance, fertilizer dose etc. can easily be adjusted from the tractor.The 5 tons planting bunker and 1.8 tons fertilizer bunker make sure the non-operational filling moments are kept to a strict minimum. When applying a 90 cm inter row distance and a planting speed of 10 km/h, it is easy to plant up to...

  • Haulm Toppers

  • Rafale  - Haulm Topper

    Rafale - Haulm Topper

    Haulm topping perfectly fits the government’s and the consumers’ wish to use less chemical substances in agriculture. As such, mechanical haulm topping is desired. With the AVR haulm toppers, you are guaranteed that the haulm topping is optimal!This optimal result can only be achieved when using the best machines. Thanks to the renovated form of the topper, the suction power is higher, which results in better topping. The AVR...

  • Trailed Harvesters

  • Variant  - Model 220B  - 2-Row Potato Harvester with Bunker

    Variant - Model 220B - 2-Row Potato Harvester with Bunker

    The AVR 220B Variant: Simplicity, capacity & durability .The 220B Variant is fully new developed, and this following the typical AVR principles. The machine was originally designed for Eastern Europe and Russia, but will certainly also appeal to other continents. For these countries, simplicity is of great importance. The technics and the operating system were voluntarily kept at a low level.

  • Self-propelled Potato Harvesters

  • Puma  - 4-Row Bunker Harvester

    Puma - 4-Row Bunker Harvester

    With the new AVR Puma self-propelled 4-row harvester and after the successful Solanum, AVR brings a new 4-row harvester onto the market that expells in power, capacity, combined with small simplicity. The reference to a Puma indicates power, flexibility and speed, still with elegance. The Puma can harvest a large surface of potatoes per day and isn’t frightened by difficult circumstances.

  • Storage Equipment

  • Euroline  - Model CSB  - Receiving Hoppers

    Euroline - Model CSB - Receiving Hoppers

    With the CSB Euroline models, AVR introduces practical and multifunctional reception hoppers that are extremely reliable. The numerous construction possibilities and available options positively influence the reception hopper’s capacity and ease of use, and make it ideally suited for medium- to large-sized companies

  • CDVE  - Model 65  - Twin Conveyors

    CDVE - Model 65 - Twin Conveyors

    The AVR CDVE 65 twin conveyors are the flexible link in the barn. The machine has been designed so both belts can be swiveled to all desired angles relative to each other.

  • CTK  - Model 800  - Elevator

    CTK - Model 800 - Elevator

    The basic version of the CTK 800/65 is very complete and offers the user many advantages. This flexible transporter can be used for a number of different products.