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  • Model 9100 & 9600 Series - Cultivators

    Model 9100 & 9600 Series - Cultivators

    B&H Manufacturing introduced the 9100 Series Row Crop Cultivator engineered to be lighter weight with rugged box frame construction. Its design made it one of the most popular high-trash, heavy-duty cultivators on the market. With precision a major concern in the marketplace, it provides incremented adjustments on all the major features. A farmer can now feel comfortable that the performance will be identical across the machine, without having to...

  • Model 9800 Series - Fortifier Unit

    Model 9800 Series - Fortifier Unit

    We’ve been busy this last year developing a new strip till design. Here are a handful of photos for you to take a look at (click thumbnails for a larger image). For more information or if you’re interested in talking with someone about our new design, feel free to give us a call at (800) 240-3288 and ask for Dave.

  • Jazzer - 51″ Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

    Jazzer - 51″ Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

    A new series of zero-turns designed to outperform the best! The plastic fuel tank under the seat eliminates fender-mounted tanks and contributes to an unequaled low center of gravity. This ultra-low center of gravity and 775-lb. weight allows it to tackle hillsides previously off limits to a zero-turn. Its clean lines and 73-1/2″ overall length reach into tighter spaces than ever before.