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  • BECO Dairy - Parlors

  • BECO Dairy - Model XR  - Rotary Milking Parlors

    BECO Dairy - Model XR - Rotary Milking Parlors

    BECO Dairy Automation approached the development of a rotary parlor in the same way we approach engineering and development off all our equipment, not from the ground up, but from the cow out. This unique approach involves observing and knowing the requirements of the large commercial dairy, engineering components and design for simplicity, and building in extreme reliability.

  • BECO Dairy - Model XC - Parallel Parlor

    BECO Dairy - Model XC - Parallel Parlor

    The BECO XC Parallel is a proven parlor system designed to provide optimum cow comfort in a heavy duty parallel milking parlor. The XC Parallel is also designed for ease of operator use and minimal maintenance requirements. When fitted with BECO milking automation, the XC Parallel parlor system is very practical and economical to maintain while providing optimum cow comfort. The BECO goal of good cow milking is designed into every...

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  • Milking Systems

    Milking Systems

    Today’s high producing cows need a milking system that can handle higher flow rates to effectively produce all they are capable of. When the system is restricted, vacuum fluctuates and becomes unstable. This will cause milk flow to slow down due to the decreased vacuum, liner movement is compromised, and cross contamination becomes a risk.

  • Model H-Factor - Pulsator

    Model H-Factor - Pulsator

    Introduced over 10 years ago, the BECO pulsator has a proven track record of reliability and milking performance. It was designed to breath incredibly well allowing air to flow in and out easily to increase milking speed and allowing adequate time for proper teet end massage. Since then we have fine tuned the internal parts for even better performance and as well to reduce wear on the inside of the coil. Independent ports have been added for each coil...

  • MegaFlow  - Liners

    MegaFlow - Liners

    MegaFlow liners are the perfect companion to the BECO high capacity milking system. However, the MegaFlow 2000 liners can be adapted to just about any claw and milking system so it is not necessary to install the entire BECO system.

  • IMMIX  - Detacher

    IMMIX - Detacher

    One button automation for fast and easy unit attachment. IMMIX starts with a sleek, stainless steel, air retraction cylinder that easily mounts to the stall with no obstructive shroud or stall control to maneuver around. Simple “One Button Automation” is built right into the base of the retraction cylinders. Operators simply push the button at the bottom of the retraction cylinder and grab the milking unit for fast and easy unit...

  • Backflush System

    Backflush System

    Backflushing the cluster between cows is a critical step in controlling the spread of such contagious pathogens as Staph. Aureus, Strep. Agalactiae, and Mycoplasma species. Backflush, when used in conjunction with an effective disinfecting agent, can sanitize the milking unit after removal from one cow and before going on the next cow. This can dramatically effect the spread of contagious pathogens being transmitted through the...