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  • Planters and Seed Drill

    Sowing is the key to making sure that your crop emerges uniformly, which is essential if you want to achieve maximum productivity at harvest time. Bellota has seed drilling discs for seed drills designed for a variety of different applications, such as direct and maize seed drills, for example. The success of seed discs is founded on the fact that they are designed to achieve a well opened furrow. Bellota discs, with their mechanically treated edges, geometries optimized for the job you are

  • Bellota - Flat Disc Bevels

    Bellota - Flat Disc Bevels

    Both the grooves and bevels play an important role in today's working conditions. BELLOTA designs the edges at just the right ratio, so as to be able to cut the stubble and penetrate well into the ground. An extremely sharpened edge can be cracked and broken, but an overly dull one will not penetrate into the ground or suitably cut the stubble.