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At Belltec Industries we have built our business on developing equipment which not only meets your drilling needs but exceeds all expectations, even in the most difficult drilling conditions. From tractor-mounted, down-pressure Post Hole Diggers to hydraulic Auger Drives each Belltec product is designed with a single purpose in mind – drill holes fast in any condition. Located in Belton, Texas Belltec Industries has been designing, patenting and producing the worlds most efficient drilling equipment for more than 2 decades. Whether you`re drilling through concrete, rock, shale, or compacted soil, Belltec has a solution that will meet your needs. And with multiple configurations, Belltec Auger Drives are sure to fit your drilling needs.

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Founded in 1988 by Clyde Jones and his two sons Donny and David, Belltec Industries began to manufacture and market a unique, patented down pressure posthole digger. Since then, the company has expanded into other types of hole drilling equipment such as hydraulic drive attachments for skid steer loaders, backhoes and excavators, along with augers to drill rock and the hardest dirt. As a result of hard work and innovation, Belltec is able to make the promise, “We drill holes fast, where others fail.”

Beginning in 1934, Clyde’s father Glen and his uncle Lynn left the farm to open a hardware and implement business in the small southeast Iowa town of Cantrell (pop. 350). From this simple idea the Jones family began its journey as pioneers and innovators in the machinery business and continues that tradition four generations later. During the infancy of agricultural mechanization, Glen Jones began his career selling steel-wheeled Allis Chalmers tractors and grew along with the industry many times as a pioneer in sales and agricultural product development. Seeing possibilites for another labor saving machine, he founded New Method Equipment Company, to manufacture the haymaster. Utilizing some of the components from the haystacker, a mechanical front end loader was designer (known these days as a workmaster) which was also successful. From the introduction of rubber tires on tractors, designing and developing a tractor mounted haystacker, to the invention of a safer, more effective posthole digger the Jones family has been committed to providing end users with products which workmore efficiently, effectively and safely.

In 1945, Glen started Continental Farm Machine Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota to manufacture and market a universal tractor mounted posthole digger. The Continental digger was equipped with its own cable reel operated power lift which could be set to a predetermined depth and would automatically raise the auger from the hole. During this time the majority of tractors could only use a digger such as the Continental. As a result, tens of thousands were sold over the next 30 years.

In 1946, after time served in the Navy, Clyde went to work for the family company. That year Glen sent Clyde to Belton, Texas to assist in the start up of a new company. The building was erected and by January of 1947 Continental Belton Company was in production making a new, more refined model of the digger. Eventually, the Minneapolis plant was closed and consolidated in Belton. In 1950, Clyde was promoted to General Manager. During this time the line was expanded to include many different types of sprayers, sprayer pumps and stalk shredders.

In 1958, Clyde left the family business to start Mohawk Equipment Company. Rotary cutters were the first products made and marketed by Mowhawk. Later a broad line of equipment was added – Rear Blades, Chisel Plows, Tool Bars and Lister/Bedders to name a few. At one time some 100 models and variations of equipment were listed.

During the 1980s both Continental and Mohawk were sold. Both are still in existence, although operating under another company name.

Today rock-drilling augers developed by Belltec rely on the weight of the tractor to apply pressure to the bits. As a result, the Belltec diggers can drill through rock, concrete and other hard surfaces. Outfitted with a frame guided auger, which insures a straight hole, Belltec diggers are essential if drilling in rock.

While others have tried to copy, Belltec Industries still leads the market with practical, light industrial rock augers for other types of machines such as backhoes, excavators and others with sufficient down pressure. In addition, Belltec is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic drive diggers for skid steers, backhoes and other industrial machines.

The forgoing is only a brief history of the Jones family in the farm and industrial machinery business. We are proud of our past, nevertheless, we always look to the future and will continue to introduce new products and services. Drilling holes is Belltec’s only business and that is why we can promise to “Drill holes fast, where others fail.”