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  • Version 3000 Series - Bale Loaders

    Version 3000 Series - Bale Loaders

    The Besler Bale Loader combines the convenience and comfort of a pickup cab with the ability to haul 2 bales of up to 2,200 lbs. each. The synchronized squeeze arms center the bale on the bed. Rack feed bales or unroll bales for pasture feeding all from inside the cab with fingertip control. With over 30 years of Bale Loader manufacturing experience, Besler builds a heavy-duty loader built for your demanding use.

  • Flatbeds


    A quality built flatbed to fit your hauling needs.

  • Version 5400/7000 - Stalk Choppers

    Version 5400/7000 - Stalk Choppers

    The double rotor rolling stalk chopper is a versitile tool with applicatons in most farming practices, from ridge-till to conventional farming. With no gearbox or U-joints to maintain, this low-maintenance tool will provide years of dependanble service.

  • Version 2000 - Root Slicers

    Version 2000 - Root Slicers

    The Root Slicer is ideal for pre-plant seed bed preparation in a variety of crops such as corn, milo and sunflowers. It can be adjusted to cut the root crown from the ground allowing minimum till farming with little ground disturbance. Low tractor horsepower, and high-speed operation allows for quick and efficient ground preparation. Recommended speeds of 8 to 12 mph. It is available in 4 to 16 row machines with an option of rigid or parallel linkage...

  • Version 4000 Series - Sub-Soilers

    Version 4000 Series - Sub-Soilers

    The Besler Sub-soiler is designed to help recapture productivity lost to soil compaction. Built tough to deliver exceptional results even under the most demanding conditions, the Besler Sub-soiler will effectively break up hard pan and reduce soil compaction while minimizing the introduction of clods or slicks. Some degree of compaction results from every farming task. The Besler Sub-soiler will help reduce run off resulting in the retention of...