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  • Silage, Hay & Crop Moisture Testers

  • Best Harvest - Silage, Hay and Crop Moisture Tester

    Best Harvest - Silage, Hay and Crop Moisture Tester

    Easy-to-use Silage and Crop Moisture Tester Measures the Moisture Content of Silages, Balage, Hay, High-Moisture Grains, Total Mixed Rations, Wet Distiller's Grains, Wood Chips and Much More. Obtain reliable, consistent moisture content for silage and forages in under 30 minutes without charts or waiting on lab results. Use with High-Moisture Feed and Grains. Unit tests moisture content for all feeds across all moisture ranges. Also Excellant for use...

  • Hay Probe Samplers

  • Model Push Type 18 inch Depth - Hay Sampler Probe

    Model Push Type 18 inch Depth - Hay Sampler Probe

    Best Harvest Bale/Balage/Forage/Crop Sampler Probe with Stainless Steel Serrated Tip. Includes Probe Sampler, Protective Shield, Cleanout Rod, 4 One-gallon Ziplock Baggies, Instructions. The Best Harvest Bale Sampler is the last Forage Sampler you will ever need. Developed by farmers for farmers and recommended for the fast and convenient collection of bale samples for testing purposes. Collects samples easily without contamination from handling....

Products by Delmhorst Instrument Co

  • Moisture Meters for Agriculture

  • Model FX-2000 - Moisture Meters

    Model FX-2000 - Moisture Meters

    This state-of-the-art meter is ideal for high-volume producers who need the time-saving convenience of on-the-go monitoring. Whether in the windrow, on-the-go while baling, or in the bale, the FX-2000 gives clear, accurate moisture readings every step of the way!

  • Model F-2000 - Moisture Meters

    Model F-2000 - Moisture Meters

    The F-2000 is great for hay producers looking to enhance quality control. The F-2000 checks hay moisture in the windrow or in bales, and comes with the same accuracy and clarity as the FX-2000!

  • Model F-6/6-30 - Moisture Meters

    Model F-6/6-30 - Moisture Meters

    With simplified controls, the F-6/6-30 is a great entry-level meter for value-minded hay producers. It is also a favorite among those serving the export markets that require lower MC range readings.

  • Model C-2000 - Moisture Meters

    Model C-2000 - Moisture Meters

    With the C-2000 moisture meter from Delmhorst, you can effectively measure moisture content, ensuring high-quality cotton every time.

  • Model G-7 - Rugged Resistance Moisture Meters

    Model G-7 - Rugged Resistance Moisture Meters

    The G-7 is a rugged resistance-type meter, great for testing the moisture content of grain at harvest time and while in storage. The integral double-disc electrode cup holds only 3-4 grams, allowing for more uniform sampling and providing accurate and repeatable readings. You can even attach optional accessories to check moisture in bulk material and hay. The G-7 also provides...

  • Moisture Meters for Building Inspection

  • Model HT-3000 - Thermo Hygrometer

    Model HT-3000 - Thermo Hygrometer

    The HT-3000 thermo-hygrometer is a great tool for monitoring the level of humidity in flooring installations, building inspections, restoration jobs, and even agriculture operations. With a simple interface, fast acclimation, and useful statistics like dewpoint and grains per pound, the HT-3000 is a great value at an economical price. Use the HT-3000 in conjunction with one of...

  • Delmhorst - Model F-2000/1235 - Hay Moisture Meter - 10

    Delmhorst - Model F-2000/1235 - Hay Moisture Meter - 10

    The Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Moisture Meter Package comes with the F-2000 meter, a 10' Prod for testing Bales and High Density Bales, a carrying case and a 3 year warranty. Overview: The Delmhorst F-2000 Hay Moisture Meter measures a moisture content range of 6%-40% in standard hay bales. The instrument averages up to 100 accumulated readings and comes with an incredible 3 year warranty.