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- Model BHPTOTE - Best Harvest Hay Probe Carrying Case Tote



Best Harvest Bale/Balage/Forage/Crop Sampler Probe with Stainless Steel Serrated Tip. Includes Probe Sampler, Protective Shield, Cleanout Rod, 4 One-gallon Ziplock Baggies, Instructions. The Best Harvest Bale Sampler is the last Forage Sampler you will ever need. Developed by farmers for farmers and recommended for the fast and convenient collection of bale samples for testing purposes. Collects samples easily without contamination from handling. Attach a cordless drill, cut thru forage, cleanout rod pushes up to 20 core samples into 1-gallon zip-lock which is suspended from ABS protective shield.

  • Self-Contained ABS Bagging Attachment Prevents Contamination
  • Efficient Design Allows One Person to Collect Samples Quickly
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Cleanout Rod Used Between Samples Ensures Complete Cleanout
  • Stainless Steel Serrated Tip
  • Protective Cutting Tip Cap is Included

Animal ration balancing requires a forage analysis.  Proper forage analysis requires taking a good forage sample.  Taking a good sample requires a forage probe.  The Best Harvest Probes allow proper 5/8' samples of chopped forage to be gathered quickly and easily without contamination from handling.  Stainless steel construction.
Balage:  Drill to the full depth of the probe in at least 12 random locations throughout the wrapped bales.  Use the cleanout rod to clean the sample from the probe.
When finished tape the 1' holes in the balage made from the sampler.

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