Biancheri Creations

Biancheri Creations specializes in the production, preparation and marketing of ranunculus and anemone bulbs. The company’s research has allowed the increase and improvement of the range of breeds currently traded on the market. The constant modernizing process of the production structures and the meticulous sanitary control have produced flower varieties of the highest quality, ready to be marketed all over the world.

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Via Braie, 189 , Camporosso Mare , 18033 Italy

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

The Biancheri family developed their business during the late 1800’s back when the area expanding over the western stretches of the Ligurian coast (Ponente Ligure) came to be known as the “Riviera of Flowers”.

Antonio Biancheri, who used at the time to export rose petals across the Alps for the production of perfume essences, started importing anemone bulbs from France and selling them on the Ligurian market.

As years went by and as the ranunculus, a species similar to anemones in terms of period and method of cultivation, affirmed its position on the market, Alberto Biancheri decided in 1982 to set up Biancheri Creations a company that combines experience-based traditions with vanguard research.

The markets

Among Biancheri Creations’ most sold varieties worldwide, are cut flowers, that are mostly present on the Italian, French, Dutch, Israeli, Greek and South American markets. However, in the USA, Japan and Northern Europe pot flowers represent the greatest bulk of demand.

Last year, 60% of Biancheri Creation’s productions were marketed abroad. This constantly growing trend attests to the international acknowledgement of the company and its products.