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  • Poultry House Management

    Efficient and secure poultry house management today means that successful poultry farmers manage feeding, egg collection, climate control, data collection and data analysis with the aid of the computer – either in the office or on the tablet before going to bed. Modern information technologies have become a central part of daily routine. Our product range reflects this change.

  • amacs - User-Friendly Management and Control System

    amacs - User-Friendly Management and Control System

    The user-friendly management and control system for modern egg production. amacs is a modern control and manage­ment system for egg production. Modern network technology allows the farm manger to monitor and control all processes in the house no matter from which location - also via internet, smartphone or tablet PC. amacs is: suited for small and large houses; designed as a modular system and can be adapted ideally to the conditions on site;...

  • ViperTouch - Flexible Climate and Production Computer

    ViperTouch - Flexible Climate and Production Computer

    The flexible climate and production computer for your poultry house. The new ViperTouch is a state-of-the-art climate computer that allows you to control the entire house environment as efficiently and as easily as possible. In more detail, this means: ViperTouch can be used for all established types of ventilation (natural, mechanical and combined). This includes side, cross, tunnel and CombiTunnel ventilation.