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- User-Friendly Management and Control System



The user-friendly management and control system for modern egg production. amacs is a modern control and manage­ment system for egg production. Modern network technology allows the farm manger to monitor and control all processes in the house no matter from which location - also via internet, smartphone or tablet PC. amacs is: suited for small and large houses; designed as a modular system and can be adapted ideally to the conditions on site; expandable at any time.

amacs allows for continuous data collec­tion, control and monitoring of traditional and alternative layer houses and entire farm complexes. The house-customised visualisation of all data in the form of graphs and the tran­s­mission of live pictures directly from the barn are further advantages. The perfor­mance range of amacs also includes alarm messages via e-mail, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet PC.

  • monitoring and control of the houses in real time;
  • central data management with evalu­ations per bird; comparison with reference values that are stored in the system;
  • continuous visualisation of the events from all houses on your farm controller;
  • high flexibility thanks to different data interfaces for farm-based administra­tive evaluations;
  • password-protected remote access to data and settings via DSL/internet;
  • sophisticated Linux-based system with self-sustaining control inside the house; if modern glass-fibre network technology is used, the computers
  • will also reliably work in case of over-voltage;
  • alarm system via e-mail;
  • integrated log and message system;
  • use of a network camera for image transmission directly from the house (option);
  • one-click language change.

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