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Biocover A/S is a Danish company founded in 2009 by owner and CEO Morten Toft. The whole project started because the Danish government stated in 2007 that the agriculture had to reduce its ammonia losses further to conserve and protect sensitive nature. From this process a legislation proposal where founded, that all grass fields had to be injected or acidified. From this, the SyreN system emerged as a vision that this loss could be turned into profit in increased crop growth. In principal the system turned out to be able to capture even more ammonia and transfer it to the more stable ammonium and reduce the ammonia emission with up to 80%, furthermore the system used as a cheap source of S.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In extension to the SyreN system that uses sulfuric acid to control pH and acidify slurry, the SyreN was further improved with the SyreN+ system, which has the possibility to add ammonia to the slurry. The SyreN+ system can adjust the fertilizer value of the liquid manure by using the fertilizer industry's strongest raw materials directly. Through a unique automatic process control the SyreN+ thereby optimizes liquid manure logistics, economy and reduce negative environmental effects from liquid manure spreading.
This means that the SyreN+ creates a precise dosage of the N, P, K and S, and thus an individual NPKS formula per  field / crop – one pass fertilization with liquid manure. And the fee acquired by the processing of fertilizers by the fertilizer industry, will in the future  belong to the SyreN+ customers.

BioCover has developed the SyreN, SyreN+ and SyreN Crystal systems for application of slurry to farmland. SyreN system uses the technique of acidification (sulphuric acid) to change ammonia (gas) to ammonium (salt) during application of slurry. This reduces the emission of ammonia with up to 70%, which eliminates airborne eutrophication. At the same time the method applies the correct amount of sulphur as sulphate fertilizer. SyreN+ system adjusts the amount of ammonium nitrogen in slurry during application through addition of ammonia and binding it as ammonium in the soil – thereby reducing leaching of nitrogen to aquatic environment. SyreN Crystal system uses the technique of precipitation to reduce / adjust the amount of Phosphorus in slurry – whereby excess Phosphorus from high animal intensive areas may be economically redistributed to areas of low animal intensity. The use of fertilizer industry raw materials direct in the consumer end optimises slurry logistics, economy and reduce/eliminate negative environmental effects from slurry application. These solutions developed by BioCover are turning a pollution problem of global scale into a profitable fertilizing solution. 

In 2007 the idea of the mobile acidification system started.
In 2009, 5 prototypes of SyreN were set into production and were tested after the Vera protocol in 2010.
When the VERA protocol proved that field acidification had the same emission as injection in grass, SyreN was added to the Danish technology list, where from the sale had a strong growth.
In 2011, there were 19 systems in the field.
In 2012, there were 52 systems, furthermore the idea of adding ammonia to liquid manure were born.
During 2012 the prototype of SyreN+ was made, this were an extension on SyreN and had the purpose to youse ammonia as an N fertilizer.
In 2013, Bthere were 86 SyreN running and the first SyreN+ was started in the field.  
In spring 2014 there were 97 systems in total running.