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  • SyreN System

    SyreN System

    With the increasing industrialization of agriculture and the trend towards ”clusters” of animal production in many countries, the animal density and the need to recycle nutrients in the slurry, has become a problem to the surrounding environment in many areas. Since 1980, a number of regulations in different countries have reduced the use of commercial fertilizer and focus has been on a more efficient way of utilizing the fertilizer value...

  • SyreN-SP - Enriched Slurry for Mais

    SyreN-SP - Enriched Slurry for Mais

    SyreN SP it now possible to create a full fertilizer effect with slurry for mais.Mais is a plant type that can sustain application of very large amounts of slurry. Typically dose rates are from 40 to 60-70 m3 pr. ha together with granulated starter fertilization. In spite of slurry containing more than enough phosphor, it is not plant available as it is bound in an organic form and not readily plant available. By addition of free phosphorus, a good...

  • SyreN FeMan

    SyreN FeMan

    SyreN FeMan is a new method for treatment of manganese deficiency in plants. The FeMan product is used together with acidified slurry and consists of 40% iron sulphate and 60% manganese sulphate. The acidified slurry fluid corresponds to 2-4 mm fluid and because of the large fluid quantity, it reaches the root zone. In this manner, manganese is made available to the plant root net. This makes FeMan work within the plant and also the plant root is...