BIODYNE-CP (Compost Bio-Kinetizer) Compost prepared from organic wastes is a safest and the best soil amendment that matches the nature. Nothing beats compost for improving soil composition and fertility. Biomax offers BIODYNE-CP a rapid action Compost Kinetizer. It consists of a wide variety of non-GM bacteria with the right enzyme composition to make the best compost in shortest possible time. With over a billion bacteria contained in one ml of BIODYNE-CP, rapid composting can be achieved depending on the material to be composted and the process conditions. BIODYNE-CP helps to release bound and tied up nutrients required for plant growth; increasing the bio-availability of inorganic nutrients such as phosphates and trace elements required for plant growth. It also converts nitrogen into amino acids and proteins forms and releases vitamins and growth factors in the compost. Biomax also offers BIODYNE-ET and ETP kinetizer for industrial Effluent Treatment Plants.

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3/106 Amar Jyoti, Panch Pakhadi, Naupada , Thane (West) , Maharashtra India

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Agriculture - Composting
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