Bluelab Corporation Limited (formerly NZ Hydroponics International Limited)

Bluelab Corporation Limited (formerly NZ Hydroponics International Limited)

Bluelab was formerly known as NZ Hydroponics International Limited. Our product range of pH meters and pH controllers and nutrient meters and controllers, measure parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature. They’re used worldwide in applications from home-based hydroponics through to the most demanding of commercial food-growing environments. Agriculture covers many different primary sectors but no matter which part of Agriculture you are in, we can help with the pH measurement of soils. Nothing replaces a soil test done through a laboratory, but when you need regular or even daily pH measurements to ensure that any crops pH requirements are being maintained (especially after applications of fertilizers, change in temperature or after irrigation) then our products can help.

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8 Whiore Avenue, Business Estate , Tauranga , 3110 New Zealand
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Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Bluelab Corporation Limited manufactures the World's favorite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring and controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature of a liquid.

Our equipment can be used by everybody from the home gardening enthusiast through to more robust commercial applications.

Bluelab has over 30 years experience in the manufacture of electronics and we're well known for our products such as the Bluelab Truncheon® Meter, Bluelab Dosetronic® Controller and Bluelab Meters™.

Bluelab was formerly known as NZ Hydroponics International Limited. NZ Hydroponics International Limited supplied commercial growers with complete growing installations and products around the World. This has enabled us to perfect all products specific to needs in such diverse industries.

Bluelab Corporation Limited are leaders in the industry as we always strive to provide exactly what our customers need - not only with products but also service. Our reputation comes from designing products that people love to use, products that remove the guesswork and stress from managing water based solutions.

Bluelab®, Dosetronic® and Truncheon® are registered trademarks of NZ Hydroponics International Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bluelab Corporation Limited, New Zealand. 
So why do we sell our products online?

We sell to countries all over the world through a dedicated network of distributors, but not everyone has a store close by as many of our commercial customers live in remote locations. Spare parts and accessories are not always available locally so to support our complete customer base we offer our full product range online.

We also give you the security that you are buying from a reputable company with 30 years experience of doing business internationally. In a world of counterfeit products, our customers need to know they are buying the real thing. Our after sales service is a very high priority to us and we strive to give all our customers the service they deserve.