Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units

Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units was founded in 1945. The enterprise specializes in making spare parts for tractors Belarus. In 2007 the enterprise started making compact tractors of the Belarus 320 series using documentation provided by Minsk Tractor Works. At present the company`s manufacturing program includes 15 basic models of tractors and municipal vehicles based on them.

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Bakharova Str, 225 , Bobruisk , Mogilev Region 213805 Belarus

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Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units for the past several decades has an important place in the Belarusian national industrial sector. In Bobruisk was created company, whose products become popular in many industries, but primarily in agriculture. Currently, among the industrial enterprises of Bobruisk plant is second only to the 'Belshina' for the production of marketable products and the workforce, being, in view of these indicators, one of the core enterprises. Today the plant employs more than three thousand people, and taking into account the branch 'Vorotyn' number of staff is about 3700 employees.

The company in recent years has a positive trend in its development, increasing from year to year growth rates of output, exports and productivity. In recent years, the company came about three hundred additional jobs, which is very important for the city of Bobruisk and its economy. The plant itself changed greatly over the past five years. The company has created a demonstration area of energy efficiency, enacted tractor assembly line production, the most aesthetically undeveloped area of the factory, greatly improved provision of social services. Positive changes in the socio-economic development of the plant is obvious, and it is already bearing fruit.

JSC «Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units» — is a modern industrial enterprise that made it all the way upwards from a repair facility and tractor engineering workshop. The Works manufactures original assemblies and parts for the whole range of MTZ-produced tractors (MTZ brand). The Works continues to expand the range of its products. The plant is constantly expanding range of products. Since January 2007 RUE 'BZTDiA' began to develop small-scale production of tractors and utility vehicles based on them. The plant has 10 models of tractors and utility vehicles based on them.

The plant's products is in high demand in the domestic market and in countries near and far abroad. Plant long-term cooperation with Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Spain, Serbia, Vietnam. Markets for products the company is constantly expanding.

The requirements of STB

High-performance automatic and semi automatic production lines and special multihead machines provide large-scale production of high quality parts that meet the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.

The Works is an award winner, with Nike-2000 and Golden Standard-2002 prizes captured under the Partnership for Progress International Programme. The quality of products was praised quite a few times as they obtained diplomas from Russian and international exhibitions, golden medals in the nominations “For the High Quality of Products and “Best Products for the Agricultural Sector.


Conformity certificate STB ISO 9001-2009

This Certificate has been issued to the Open Joint Stock Company'Bobruisk  Plant of Tractor Spare-Parts and Units' and certifies that the quality management system for production of BELARUS tractors of drawbar category 0,6 and 0,9,designing and manufacturing of harvesting and loading machines on a base of BELARUS tractors, trailers, towing implements and rigs for BELARUS tractors, components and assemblies for mobile techniques conforms to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.