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  • Model 311 - Versatile Wheeled Tractor

    Model 311 - Versatile Wheeled Tractor

    A versatile wheeled tractor designed for agricultural, municipal use, in construction, transport and industry 22 (29.9) KW (h.p.) Three-Cylinder Engine Gearbox: 16/8 gears, Range of Speed from 3 to 13 km per hour Power Take-Off Shaft: One-Speed 540 rpm.

  • Model L- 116 – 01 - Sand Spreader

    Model L- 116 – 01 - Sand Spreader

    Used to spread sand mixes across footpaths and roads in autumn and wintertime. It is a dependable, easy to handle and simple design piece of machinery. It is a must-buy for each enterprise in charge of keeping city or village footpaths and roads in good repair. It has a modular trailing capacity with tractors that are drawbar category 0.6 кN and more.

  • Model KS-F-1.6B-4 - Cutterbar Mower

    Model KS-F-1.6B-4 - Cutterbar Mower

    The Mounted Cutterbar Mower is used to mow sown and natural grasses in flat areas and lay them in swaths. Unlike similar makes, KS-F-1.6B-4 Cutterbar Mower has a more dependable frame and cutterbar and an enhanced safety gear.