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Since 2006 Boschi Servizi focused its attention on the study and the introduction in Italy of the grain storage system inside plastic silo-bags. Currently is the European Company with the deepest experience in this field, able to supply data, consulting and machineries to every kind of customer, compliant with the existing community regulation and comprehensive of an appropriate after-sales support. The operative area is, in addition to Italy, most of all European Countries and Mediterranean basin.

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Via Villanova 58 , Villanova di Ravenna , 48124 Italy

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The Boschi Servizi don't want be a simple dealership, but, like say the name... it wants offer SERVICE. At first, the customer is followed in a careful valutation of his productive process to define together the best solution to catch. In fact, this tecnology of silobag can be adapted to small producer, passing to middle stocker, to arrive at the big storage center. In these three realities, we have silobags with different sizes (and so different capacities), we have different machines to move product and with different abilities and logically with a differt cost to start. So, the Boschi Servizi try to guide the customer toward the more correct solution, changing it, when, appreciating the system, he want upgrade its capacity. At this point, our firm don't offer to the customer only: the right teaching to manage the stocking alone; new silobags and the post sale consulting service, but also a series of technical solutions (anti-mice defence and/or anti-birds, possible personalized attachments, etc...) to gain the better from his choice to adopt this silobag's tecnology.  

The story

Boschi Servizi was founded in 1996 as a service company for food farming companies.

It's specialized in plants maintenance and installation taking advantage of hydro-electro-mechanical skills of its own specialized personnel staff. In the course of time the Company gained highly specialized experiences working for fodder industry and storage centres.

The experience of Boschi Servizi derive, not only from the trading of horizontal warehousing necessary machines, but also from a direct and continuous experience, of years, at the warehousing center of MOLINO BOSCHI of Villanova of Ravenna (RA) Italy. In the gallery are visible the silobags (of different dimensions) and the main office.