Bovi Hoof Care, the former Klovplejeboksen, started in 2007 it was a one-man business with only one product, the Hoof Care Box. But through the last couple of years we have developed a growing product range both in hoof trimming and hoof wash to cows and sows. We now deliver our products to Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Greece and Canada. So in order to match this development and internationalization within the company, we changed our name to Bovi Hoof Care. Even though we have changed our name and our product range is still growing, the underlying philosophy of Bovi Hof Care is still the same as when we started. Our slogan “because more knowledge brings more value” is an expression of this philosophy, being that we will utilize our agricultural knowledge and experience to develop hoof care products, which should secure a better hoof health. But also to secure that our products combined with this knowledge and experience will bring more value to our customers.

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Sejrupvej 27 , Give , 7323 Denmark

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

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It is this knowledge and experience within agriculture which we have utilized to develop our newest product and 1 star Agromek news, the stress free and stationary hoof trimming box, the Bovi Box