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  • Bovi - Hoof Care Box

    Bovi - Hoof Care Box

    The Hoof Care Box is used to handle the immediate problems, which occurs between the routine trimmings in a quick and simple way. Until now the box has been sold in more than 600 herds with a variation form 15 – 2700 cows in more than 8 different countries.

  • Bovi - Hoof Trimming Box

    Bovi - Hoof Trimming Box

    Not only a hoof trimming box, but also a treatment box. In the last couple of years there have been an increased demand among Danish farmers, as they want to be able to carry out a routine hoof trimming by themselves. To meet this demand, Bovi Box was constructed with a new approach to hoof trimming.

  • Bovi - Cart

    Bovi - Cart

    Bovi Cart is a manual hoof washer, which is developed with the purpose of making it easier to wash the hooves of animals that are fixated in cattle fence. Bovi Cart is furthermore also developed for the farmers who do not need a stationary hoof washer, but who will do hoof washing with the same unit in more barns. Numerous tests show that frequent washing of the hooves has a controlling effect on inter-digital dermatitis. It is particularly important...

  • Bovibooster  - Model BBPB AT - Automatic Hoof Washing System

    Bovibooster - Model BBPB AT - Automatic Hoof Washing System

    Preventive hoof care with high quality automatic hoof wash and disinfection systems. Bovibooster is a “plug and play” system for automatic hoof washing and disinfection in milking robots, and it is approved for organic farming. Bovibooster is developed as an effective prevention of hoof related disease as digital dermatitis. Bovibooster is specially designed to fit both Delaval and Lely robots, but it will also be possible to...

  • Piggytrim - Systematic Hoof Care and Hoof Trimming Box

    Piggytrim - Systematic Hoof Care and Hoof Trimming Box

    Piggytrim operates by letting the sow to go into the box, after which she is hoisted up lying on her stomach with the legs on either side of the longitudinal tubes. The sow calms down when the floor disappears beneath it, and you can work undisturbed with the hoof care.