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Bratney Companies

qSince 1964, Bratney has been a leader in providing innovative equipment solutions, design and process engineering, construction, and service to the finest seed, food, grain, feed, and milling facilities in the United States and around the world. We maintain our position through integrity, creativity and reliability. We are committed to delivering value and exploring new possibilities with our clients.

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3400 109th Street , Des Moines , Iowa 50322 USA
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Bratney Companies has been known for more than 50 years for providing state of the art equipment, processes and solutions for our valued customers. We have partnered with some of the world’s foremost manufacturers like Cimbria, Concetti and others to continually bring innovation, technology and creative solutions to the industries we serve. Combining these with our in depth knowledge of construction services and our in house expertise of high quality engineering, design and process knowledge, allow us to provide you with the greatest assurance and value. We take great measures and pride, to properly care and install each piece of equipment and we carry that commitment through every phase of building a complete facility and servicing it years for the many years it will be operational. We are driven to deliver the very best in all that we offer.

Our customers have the right to rely on Bratney’s process knowledge expertise and construction capabilities and experience. We stand behind our proprietary equipment. We will demonstrate safety, respect and trustworthiness in how we conduct our business. We will remedy any problem that we created or contributed to, without hassle. If we sell it, design it or build it, it will reflect our commitment to quality and work as intended.

We are proud to serve and to support the rich traditions, history and the value that grain, seed, feed, food, coffee, nuts, and rice provide to the world.

Our Core Operating Belief is that our Customers have the right:

  1. To rely on Bratney’s process knowledge expertise.  If we design it, it should work as intended.
  2. To rely on Bratney to stand behind its proprietary equipment. If we sold it, it should work as intended.
  3. To rely on Bratney’s construction capabilities and experience. If we build it, it should work and reflect our commitment to quality.
  4. To rely on Bratney to remedy any problem that we created or contributed to, without hassle.
  5. To expect that we will demonstrate safety, respect, and trustworthiness in how we conduct our business.

We are family owned and operated.  From the pioneering work of Ken and Ann Bratney to our current family of more than 150 employees around the world, we have evolved a close working relationship with our customers and partners. We are uniquely staffed and qualified, with hundreds of years of collective practical experience.  This experience allows us to take on our customers' greatest material processing and conditioning challenges, and to address those needs with innovative and value-added solutions.

When it comes time to equip, design, construct or service a new or existing facility, Bratney is the name to trust.


Bratney employees are encouraged to be involved in various community activities and events.

 Bratney Companies proudly supports:

  • Bratney Companies /  Iowa 4-H Robotics Challenge
  • Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines
  • Science Center of Iowa
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Blood Drives
  • Panel Build / Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity


Bratney Companies believes it has an important role to play in strengthening our communities. Our strong culture of service and integrity, that also delivers significant business value, is at the heart of all our community involvement initiatives.
Whether times are good or bad, we believe that we have more to offer than just our checkbook. Our deep commitment to skills-based volunteering and thought leadership serves as the foundation of our multi-faceted community involvement strategy:
Think – We use our innovative thinking to help people and organizations deal with strategic, operational and financial challenges so they can do more to help more people and communities in need. Our people use their professional talents to support nonprofits in many ways including: volunteer work, board service, and informal skills-based teaching.
Invest – We complement our innovative thinking by financially supporting events and causes with financial resources to help people and communities thrive.
Advance – We share our innovative thinking to spark advances in supporting communities and skills-based volunteerism through advocacy, awareness, influence and example. We are committed to creating and sharing new research, content, and insights on ways companies can leverage skills-based volunteerism.


'Safety is a core value at Bratney Companies. Our ongoing training and a company-wide commitment to safety have helped us to develop an industry leading safety program.  We practice safety in every aspect at Bratney, and also ensure that proper safety procedures and training are incorporated into all of our projects and designs.  Every employee deserves a safe work environment, so that they can return home safely to family and friends at the end of each day.'  - Peter Bratney

We learned a long time ago that if you take care of your people…your people will take care of your business.  That is why we have established an award winning safety program that puts the health and well-being of our employees at the forefront.  To help workers integrate safety into their daily activities we use innovative techniques such as:

  • Evolving the Job Safety Analysis process to a “Same Page Plan”
  • Storing Personal Protective Equipment on portable power tools to ease its use
  • Turning an incident into a learning moment with the Bratney Safety Alert system
  • Holding “lunch & learn” sessions where safety history and philosophy are discussed to promote personal safety program growth

In addition to these techniques, Bratney Companies dedicates tremendous resources to the training and education of its employees and sub-contractors.  We offer professional development training and our Corporate Safety Manager often holds train-the-trainer courses to expand employee knowledge.

We have also developed comprehensive safety policies and procedures with an “over & above” approach.  This approach takes safety beyond any governmental requirements, creating additional safety value for our people, our company, our customers, and our communities.