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Bravo Srl

The Bravo srl is an Italian company born 12 years ago in the province of Cuneo from the merger of two leading companies in the field of specific machinery manufacturing for livestock, which are present on the market since the 70s and 80s: the `ROTOMIX` has been the first Italian company to build self-moving mixing trucks, the `BICIEFFE` is specialized in straw spreader with straw-thrower without turbine and in distributors of sawdust. These productions are still active in the factories of Bravo srl. The forty years of experience, coupled with the ongoing research and continuous development, has led to the creation of new self-moving mixing trucks of the highest quality ROTOMIX series 4, which can be clearly distinguished from the competition by the uniqueness of the working method: a cutting process using a powerful silage cutter combined with an exclusive additional and adjustable blade cutting mill.

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Via Canavere, 11 , Savigliano (CN) , Italy
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All unifeed's components are then transferred into a rotary drum with against-screw, which allows to obtain with a minimum use of energy, also thanks to the high cutting speeds, the best unifeed on the market today, incomparable under each appearance: softness, uniformity of mixing, bulk and respect of fiber than cut to size. The whole process is intended to greatly improve the performances of the animals, resulting in lower production costs.

The Specialization

Bravo srl produces self-moving mixing trucks Rotomix from 10 to 35 square meters with powers that reach 240 hp. The method of mixing with rotating barrel added to his cutting system of silage cutter-mill, unique on the market, allows the perfect homogeneity of the compound of any component introduced. These details make the real difference compared to other methods on the market; in fact, the cutting of the fibers carried out by the blade mill is fast, net, of constant length and completely avoids the 'grinding' and the heating of the masses. The mixing through the rotary barrel against-screw system, in addition to the proverbial uniformity, avoid any kind of compactness and you go to unloading into the feeder a homogeneous, soft and palatable product.

It also produces two lines of straw spreaders suited to bedding and cubicles. The first can use long or chopped straw into round or square bales without turbine but with the aid of a mechanical straw-thrower.  The second one can use chopped products as straw, sawdust, wet separate, damp straw with calcium carbonate and lime. The distribution is performed with a turbine that works without admission of air so as to contain the dust emission to widely acceptable levels.