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  • Chassis - 4 Wheel Booms for Agriculture and Horticulture

    Chassis - 4 Wheel Booms for Agriculture and Horticulture

    Ranging in structural width from 50 to 76 metres, Briggs four-wheel chassis booms are efficient, tough, reliable and surprisingly versatile. Over 2000 4 wheel-chassis booms are in operation throughout the world. Irrigated widths are from 50m to 96m depending on the choice of nozzle or sprinkler mounted on each end of the boom. All are easy to operate, can be folded by one person in just a few minutes for transport and can be operated with almost any...

  • Briggs - Racecourse Irrigator

    Briggs - Racecourse Irrigator

    The Briggs Racecourse Irrigator has been developed specifically for the demands of the modern racing World and has been introduced on many courses in the UK and around the world.

  • Briggs - Hosereel Mounted Booms

    Briggs - Hosereel Mounted Booms

    Designed and built to the same high standards as Briggs' larger models, the R18, R24, R30 and R40 mounted booms allow a lane spacing of 18 - 48 metres (other widths in between those shown are available on request). For ease of operation the booms are transported on the reel and a fixed hydraulic lift system has been developed to transport the booms safely. All models give accurate and uniform water distribution under a wide range of conditions, with a...

  • Briggs - Roto Rainers

    Briggs - Roto Rainers

    Ingeniously simple, Briggs award winning Roto Rainers provide an efficient, low cost method of disposing thin slurry and dirty water. Application rates of 5mm or less can be achieved with all models to fit in with dirty water disposal guidelines.  The low trajectory of throw keeps the height of the liquid well under 4m which also fits in with 'best practice' guidelines for the application of dirty water or slurry.

  • Briggs - Irrigation Hosereels

    Briggs - Irrigation Hosereels

    The Briggs brand of hosereels is based on the tried and tested Ocmis range, imported and adapted especially for the UK market. Each machine goes through a rigorous assembly, pre delivery inspection and testing program prior to despatch to ensure trouble free commissioning and ease of operation. Each of the highly efficient turbine powered units is packed with advanced features and the standard specification of all models is high. Even the smallest...

  • Briggs - Tied Ridger

    Briggs - Tied Ridger

    The Briggs Tied Ridger has been developed to prevent rain and irrigation water run off from crops grown on sloping land, thus giving a dramatic reduction in surface erosion, fewer green potatoes, reduced fertiliser loss and a reduction in water requirement.