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BST Oyster Supplies to develop the adjustable longline oyster farming system. Using the best quality products, it was developed by three oyster growers at Cowell, to suit the rough and weedy conditions in Franklin Harbour. The success of the longline system lies with the ability to raise and lower the oyster baskets on the line, thereby giving the oyster farmer a management technique to control shell growth, condition and clean, with a rumbling action for sale presentation. The grower has a choice of line construction, using Bayco 5 mm plastic wire or the new labour saving Vectran Cord. Longlines have been developed for Sub tidal and Inter tidal farming. The Adjustable Longline System has received world wide recognition.

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PO Box 356, 22 Oyster Drive , Cowell , 5602 Australia

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BST Oyster Supplies have developed and marketed an innovative range of products that suit a new system of growing oysters, called the Adjustable Longline System.

Adjustable Longline Innovative Farming System Advantages:

  • Lets you manage your oysters more efficiently, producing a much better oyster.
  • Construction is much cheaper than traditional methods.
  • It is a lot simpler to erect, with lower maintenance costs and higher yields.