Bullock Tillage

Bullock Tillage

Jim Bullock is well known in the farming industry for much of his work and research into direct drilling techniques, soil quality issues and reduction in machinery and crop establishment costs. With this in mind, he and two other fellow enthusiasts have formed a company called BULLOCK TILLAGE and are offering farmers and growers a cost effective range of Oil Seed Rape/ cover crop seeders to fit onto cultivators, also slug pellet applicators for drills and quad bikes and granular fertiliser applicators for mounting onto drills. Interest in cover crops is increasing amongst farmers as a means of fixing nitrogen and increasing soil organic matter. With the onset of more herbicide resistant blackgrass many more farmers may be forced into a larger area of spring cropping allowing an over winter cover crop to be planted. In the future it may become compulsory to plant an over wintered cover crop to avoid nitrogen leaching from fallow land.

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Danemoor Farm, Malvern , Worcestershire , WR13 6NL United Kingdom

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