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Currently the third generation of the Burden Family farming on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. Starting in 1968 with 540 acres of arable land with a steady progression in management and diversification into most parts of agriculture, we have developed a wide ranging business portfolio with the family now farming in excess of 4,000 acres of arable and 5,000 acres of grazing, mainly within conservation, 1,100 suckler cows, and up to 2,500 followers to fat. Rented and contract farming agreements with twelve landowners throughout Kent. We retail, import and export second-hand machinery throughout the UK and in excess of 20 countries per year, we are also the largest dismantlers of agricultural machinery for spares in the UK, specialising in combine harvesters with some 250 in stock.

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Old Rides Farm, Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey , Kent , England ME12 4BD United Kingdom
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In February 2007 we incorporated Burden Bros Agri Ltd, our John Deere franchise, providing parts, service and sales of primarily John Deere products but also for other respectable agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers for the Kent area, we have since built on this and in November 2009 we opened our second depot in Framfield, East Sussex offering the same quality services.

Our contracting business had been operating on a local basis for many years when in March 1994 we had the chance to expand and set up Burden Bros Contractors Ltd. We now offer an extensive range of contracting solutions to farmers, landowners and local authorities using the latest, most modern equipment and technologies available. We are constantly looking to expand our businesses and over the last two years we have been building up a professional and dedicated team of staff carrying out ground works and civil construction projects, we now offer a whole wide range of constructional services from simple drainage / foundation works through to managing complete projects from design / planning / building to completion within the agricultural sector. Lastly we have the Ferry House Inn our beautiful 16th century country public house offering restaurant, accommodation and wedding venue along with an executive complex of converted Old Kent farm buildings in to 5* accommodation offering 18 ensuite rooms ideal for large family gatherings, corporate events, weddings and parties.

As Burden Bros have grown it has become important to define our core values. These will continue to help us develop and refine our culture, brand and our business strategies.

The core values below have shaped the culture and character of Burden Bros, and will continue to do so in future years (see diagram).

Family: At the heart of Burden Bros core values is family. This is clearly demonstrated in our BB4 emblem, where all four arms of Burden Brothers come together to highlight the size, breadth and strength of our company in one unique emblem. Teamwork and loyalty are key to this core value, and will help grow the company further going forwards.

Quality: We remain focused on this core value as a means of meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. As a result we strive to out perform the competition and earn customer loyalty. Continual improvements of high standards improve quality throughout every aspect of the Group.

Pride: Taking pride in our work allows us to constantly strive to develop and improve. We are passionate about what we do and believe that what we do makes a difference.

Consistency: It creates a strong culture based on a shared system of beliefs that are widely understood by members of the Group. Consistency provides us with a central source of integration, co-ordination and control.

Commitment: We fulfil our commitments to our customers, our partners and our staff. We take personal responsibility for our actions and believe commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication.

Our corporate social responsibility is implemented by adhering to the law, ethnic standards and international norms.

To improve and enhance our Corporate Social Responsibility, we aspire to monitor our impact upon the environment, customers, employees and local communities.

For example we have recently invested in Brand Management and Brand Differentiation to increase customer loyalty based on distinctive ethnical values building on a reputation for integrity and best practice.

Our Sustainable Procurement policies strives to meet the needs for goods, services and works utilizes in such a way to achieve value for money in terms of generating benefits to society and the economy, while minimizing damage to the environment.

For example we specifically aim not only to ensure that sustainability criteria are used in the award of contracts but are also included in specifications to suppliers. To allow us to meet our aims we will develop processes to measure our progress.

Burden Bros recognizes that its various activities impact upon the environment at local and wider levels and acknowledges its responsibility for the protection of the environment. As an agricultural contractor it accepts that its influence upon the environment will extend to where ever the company is employed. It has therefore a clear responsibility to adopt sound environmental management policies in order to set an example. As an organization with responsibility for providing advice to clients, who are themselves, environmental managers, it accepts that it may function as a role model. Burden bros is therefore, within the limit of its resources, committed to:

  1. Promoting the protection of the environment and minimizing any adverse impacts of its activities at all levels, directly and through its influence on others.
  2. Integrating good environmental management policies and practiced into every level of its organization.
  3. Provide a safe working environment for its employees and students.
  4. Conserving natural resources by minimizing its use of non renewable resources.
  5. Improving the efficiency of the use of energy, especially through, transport policy and the use of renewable energy sources.
  6. Avoiding the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and processes through a purchasing policy which avoids materials with undesirable environmental impact and through the use of sub-contractors who comply with statutory and mandatory rules and regulations.
  7. Developing a recycling and reuse policy for its resources and the use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  8. Protecting natural habitats and wildlife on land under good management being sensitive to landscape issues and actively promoting habitat creation and biodiversity.
  9. Providing development and training programs specifically to enhance awareness of environmental issues among its own staff
  10. Promoting an awareness of the need for environmental activity amongst its staff, students, clients, and the general public through both environmentally related education and as a permeating element in other educational activities.
  11. Promoting environmental awareness through demonstrations and advice on good environmental practice for its customers and by maintaining working links with others involved in environmental affairs.
  12. Setting targets for the above objectives and auditing their achievement on a regular basis.

BB4 encourage and support the Westlands School Young Farmers Group, providing them sponsorship with livestock, animal feeds and bedding and liveryed clothing for all students when showing stock at local shows.

BB4 have carried out extensive works at the Sheppey Rugby Club over the last twelve months. The 1st team pitch has had 480 tonnes of topsoil applied to level surface, the training pitch has been totally re-levelled and re-seeded, all pitches have had gypsum, compost and fertilizer applied to allow for a quality playing surface and a large amount of repairs have been carried out to the car parking areas.

BB4 regularly donate our waste cardboard to the Eastchurch Scouts group to help encourage them to understand the importance of recycling and to aid funding their many activities.

We at Burden Bros are proud to be supporting various schools, colleges, community groups and farming groups in the education of modern farming and how this coincides with our environment.

We have this year worked closely with Westlands School, Sittingbourne assisting staff and pupils undertaking their BTEC in Agriculture. 32 French Student from Claude Lehec school of agriculture studying Agricultural Engineering came to our site for a day visit.

We host the agrovsita OSR growing trials for the South East which sees many of the South Easts growers here regularly to view the trials.

We also regularly host farmers groups from all over the UK and have ‘open form’ sessions for local community groups to view how we carry out modern day farming to a very high standard whilst still preserving habitat and conservation for the wildlife which is very important to us.