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  • John Deere - Model T670i  - Combine Harvesting

    John Deere - Model T670i - Combine Harvesting

    We use the latest John Deere T670i hillmaster combines, six straw walker (for straw quality) fitted with 7.5m Zurhn premium flow cutterbars with full G.P.S technology and ‘harvest smart’ precision yield and moisture mapping allowing all accurate information to be utilized through ‘Gatekeeper’.

  • Cultivation Equipment

    Cultivation Equipment

    We can offer a wide range of modern cultivation equipments to suit all soil types across our region, from heavy cultivation to true min-till ranging from depths of 350mm for the heave cultivation to 50mm for min-till.

  • Cereal Seed Drilling

    Cereal Seed Drilling

    The drilling of cereals, O.S.R., barley, grass etc., is done using one of the four drills operated by the Contracting business, from a new 8m Sumo versadrill, which has leading tines working at set depths, greatly increasing root structure.  This is highlighted effectively in the establishment of O.S.R.