Cadman Power Equipment is a designer, manufacturer and global distributor of irrigation and manure management systems, and high-volume fluid transfer solutions within the oil and gas industry. Cadman Power Equipment Limited, a third generation sole proprietorship, have been manufacturing and distributing reliable, high-quality irrigation equipment design since 1952. With many technical representatives, Cadman has the capabilities to design an irrigation system for any size project. Cadman began manufacturing fluid transfer equipment specifically for the agricultural sector in the early 1980s when they fabricated their own design of irrigation travellers. These water travellers provided farmers with a simple method to deliver large volumes of water to their crops much easier and quicker than they could before. Through product demand and company innovation, Cadman continued to grow, improve, and refine their engineering process - producing and selling more units - year over year.

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38 Main St. Box #100 , Courtland , Ontario N0J 1E0 Canada

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Globally (various continents)
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By the year 2000, Cadman expanded their agricultural product catalogue to enable their consumers to move heavier, denser, liquids even longer distances. They manufactured dynamic liquid manure transfer and application equipment including their own brand of hose and drag hose reels. Power units were equipped with larger engines, improved pumps, additional safety features, and the appropriate manure moving components for the agricultural sector.

In 2011, Cadman started manufacturing high volume pumping and hose deployment equipment for the Oil & Gas industry with their industrial-sized water transfer solutions. Cadman developed their own brand of high volume fluid transfer pumping stations which produce enough power to efficiently move up to 6000 gallons of liquid per minute(145 bbl per minute), seamlessly and at the flick of a switch.

These Pump Stations can also be used as a mobile backup for municipal sewage emergencies and are currently being used as an added firefighting resource in eastern Canada.

Cadman’s HC10 Hose Caddy engineered for endless miles of highway travel, the HC10 conveniently enables the operator to pull multiple reels behind truck, a flatbed tractor trailer, or can be mounted to the HC10T trailer. DOT rated, the HC10 Hose Caddy is in a class by itself enabling one to deliver massive volumes of fluid at a moment’s notice from the pumping source. This sharp, sophisticated hose reel simplifies hose deployment and retrieval saving time, money, and minimizing problematic downtime.