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  • Manure Equipment

  • Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA)

    Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA)

    Side-Dress Liquid Manure With Hard Hose Row Crops During The Growing Season. Cadman has taken a concept brought forward by the Alig brothers of Ohio to design, build and market a new Continuous Manure Applicator (CMA) which is engineered to apply liquid manure via side-dress to row crops such as corn in fields as long as a ½ mile. The Alig brothers brought their patent-pending concept and four years of data collected by Ohio...

  • Model  4500M - Manure Drag Reels

    Model 4500M - Manure Drag Reels

    The Cadman M-Series is the world’s first hard hose drag system. It can be used in conjunction with any Cadman applicators - booms, injectors or Vogelsang Dribble-bar BackPacs. The M-Series manure reels have the advantage of walking beam axles, hydraulic drive and capacity for large diameter and long length hoses. It carries up to 2000’ of hard hose and capacity for sets up to 160 acres per setup pumping at 1200 GPM or 4500 l/min. Setup can...

  • Model 6003 - Hose Caddies

    Model 6003 - Hose Caddies

    The Cadman 6003 3-point hitch hose caddy is easy to hook-up, attach to the front or the back of your tractor. It can carries carry up to 2000’ of 6” soft hose. The smallest of our hose caddy line is controlled hydraulically and comes with extra storage compartments for carrying extra tools when you are in a bind away from your shop.

  • Manure Boom System

    Manure Boom System

    The Cadman Manure Boom System is a simple and economical way to spread liquid manure. It can be used with either hard hose or soft hose systems. With a unique hydraulic splash plate system, the operator can raise or lower the plates to easily achieve the desired width and overlap in the center. All liquid components are galvanized for maximum endurance. The Cadman two nozzle boom is designed to handle up to 1200 GPM and achieve a spread width of up to...

  • Hydraulic Manure Injector

    Hydraulic Manure Injector

    Cadman's front-folding hydraulic manure injector is a first of its kind. What makes this these models special is the ability to fold from either 30’ or 40'- depending which model you choose - down to 11’ wide for safe highway travel, moving from field to field. By using a manure injector farmers have ability to place nutrients directly into the seedbed limiting the chance of spilling. This saves the user thousands of dollars on costly...

  • BackPac  - Umbilical System

    BackPac - Umbilical System

    The BackPac umbilical system is a highly efficient way to spay manure, with maximum efficiency and minimal soil compression spreading to be done with quickly, and precisely using tanks or with a drag hose system.

  • Solids Handling Pumps

    Solids Handling Pumps

    Cornell solids handling pumps that can produce up to 200 PSI. Unique benefits, including the Run-Dry® System, Cycloseal and Redi-Prime®, make Cornell the benchmark in Agricultural pumping applications.

  • Pump-Set Packages

    Pump-Set Packages

    Cadman offers a full line of Kubota engines that can be matched to the appropriate pump for your application. All pump sets are available with customizable trailers, pump and storage options which are designed to get the maximum efficiency and safety in the field.

  • Pump Trailers

    Pump Trailers

    Heavy Duty Frame. Break, Signal & Clearance Lights. Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes. Boom Support Structure. ST235/85R16 LR-G Radial . Tires (18 Foot). ST235/75R17.5 LR-J Radial Tires (24 Foot). 1-3/8' Oak Deck. Slipper Spring Axles. Breakaway Kit. 3 Year Warranty on Frame. 1 Year Warranty on All Other Items

  • POWERTECH - Manure Power Units

    POWERTECH - Manure Power Units

    POWERTECH engines from John Deere bring a new level of technology to the engine market. Engineering advancement in all new POWERTECH engines, along with electronic controls on the larger models, have enabled John Deere to provide a unique combination of performance and environmental compliance. POWERTECH® engines give you more than 30 power choices. They are packed with features and benefits that you can’t find in any other engine brand....

  • Irrigation Equipment - Travellers / Irrigation Reels