Capstan Ag Systems, Inc.

Capstan Ag Systems, Inc. is a technology based company, specializing in creating new proprietary systems for the agricultural industry, particularly with chemical and fertilizer applications. Headquartered in Topeka, Kans., Capstan Ag’s inventive process involves research, engineering design and lab and field testing often working in concert with other experts in the field. Capstan Ag maintains strong ties to agricultural departments in a number of universities around North America. Capstan Ag’s first product, Synchro, is a Blended Pulse-Width Modulation spray system for chemical applications. Synchro was introduced into the Midwest market in 1998. Synchro is known across North America for its comprehensive impact on chemical spray quality, drift management, standard and variable rate applications, and operator convenience.

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4225 S.W. Kirklawn Ave , Topeka , Kansas 66609 USA

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 2006, Capstan Ag launched its next product, SharpShooter, as a retro-fit version of the Synchro system. SharpShooter dramatically enhanced the performance of any brand of sprayer.

Capstan Ag introduced independent nozzle control with the release of PinPoint.

N-Ject NH3 and N-Ject LF are fertilizer application systems created by Capstan Ag. These systems bring precision application to anhydrous ammonia and liquid fertilizer markets.

Capstan Ag expanded into the turf application business through the SharpShooter Turf product.