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  • PinPoint


    PinPoint provides everything the name implies – pinpoint accurate product application and significant gains in efficiency. PinPoint combines all the features of Capstan Ag’s patented blended pulse-width modulation (PWM) technology coupled with individual nozzle control solution. This pairing offers the most extreme and precise application control on the market. PinPoint's accurate product placement is achieved through Capstan’s...

  • Synchro


    Developed in the early 1990's, Synchro™ was the first spray system in the industry that provided independent flow control, independent droplet size control, independent band width control, independent boom output variables, and more. The Synchro spray system interacts with rate controllers to simultaneously maintain constant operator selected pressure and rate set points. Synchro acts like an automatic, instantaneous tip changer that advances...

  • Turf


    SharpShooter Turf combines a tip-management system with rate control technology to solve the greatest limitation of modern sprayer technology - spraying from one tip size at a time. As an aftermarket retro fit, SharpShooter Turf uses patented blended Pulse-Width Modulation technology providing a simple solution of having exactly the right effective tip size to maintain both a set rate and a set pressure throughout the entire sprayer speed range....