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  • PinPoint - Model II - Nozzle

    PinPoint - Model II - Nozzle

    Controlling flow at the nozzle body has proven to be a game changer. Add to that doing the control on an individual nozzle level, and you have what everyone has been asking for years. Add a simple to use but highly sophisticated control system and you are able to apply with the  accuracy and precision needed to achieve optimal results. For over 20 years our patented technology has proven itself in the field. Application  technology with...

  • SharpShooter - Spray Application System

    SharpShooter - Spray Application System

    Better technology is pointless if you can’t get the desired results in the field. SharpShooter has an easy to use controller driving a bullet-resistant PWM spray application system. Applying with confidence is important. Simply select your application pressure, and let the technology handle the typical hassles that come with spraying. For over 20 years our patented technology has proven itself in the field. Application technology with...

  • Seed-Squirter - Seed Tube Sensor

    Seed-Squirter - Seed Tube Sensor

    The seed tube sensor is in sync with Seed-Squirter. Each seed gets a perfectly timed chemical application. Your seed lands in a “just right” environment so every plant has the optimal start. Planting just changed for the better.

  • N-Ject - Model NH3 - Control Technology

    N-Ject - Model NH3 - Control Technology

    Turns out that NH3 application doesn’t have to be so inaccurate and wasteful. With N-Ject you set the application rate you want and it happens - precisely. Across the whole toolbar. Our patented application control technology with a multifunctional chamber design is a breakthrough. Simple to use. Outstanding results. NH3 solved.

  • N-Ject - Model LF - Toolbar Flow Distribution System

    N-Ject - Model LF - Toolbar Flow Distribution System

    True variable rate applications are always limited by the flow range of a single orifice. That means prescription maps have to be limited to rates within that orifice range. This is a fundamental problem that farmers desiring variable rate applications have always had to deal with Until now.