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  • Tractor Cultivator

    Tractor Cultivator

    Tractor Cultivator is specialized equipment from Captain Tractors. Our firm with over 28 years manufactures and exports tractor cultivator. This equipment is a replacement for disc plough and used for paddy field cultivating while powered from a part called PTO of tractor. Our manufactured tractor cultivator is of high quality as it is made up of best available material.

  • Reaper


    Timings of harvesting is most crucial and critical for farmers and agricultural related people as there are many conditions where minute things like weather conditions, degree of crop for maturing, damaging conditions etc are to be considered. Captain Tractors in Rajkot India understands all these adverse conditions and thus provides best quality of reaper that lets you to face various conditions. India faces many severe weather conditions like...

  • Chisel Plough

    Chisel Plough

    Length     :     48' + 30' (Attachment). Width     :     15.5'. Height     :     16.7' + 19.5' (Hitch Point). Weight     :     80 Kg.. Tine     :     3 Nos. Diesel Cons.     :     1 Ltr./Hour(Approx) Depth in the soil     :     6'..Area Covered...