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Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd., Previously known as Asha Exim Pvt Ltd, was established in 1994 by the visionary farmer brothers Mr. G.T.Patel and Mr.M.T.Patel of Rajkot. The founders sensed the need of small & medium farmers for farm mechanization & the difficulty faced by them in owning a Regular Tractor. Thus in order to serve these small & mid-sized farmers’ needs we are into market with superior range of tractors & equipment. Our range includes Mini Tractors, Compact Tractors, Garden Tractors, Small tractors etc. As garden tractors manufacturers we also serve various gardening needs in the best manner. We are tractors manufacturers from many years and our experience lets us understand our customer’s needs deeply. We offer small tractors for sale on very affordable prices along with many good features so that small farmers can satisfy their farming or agricultural needs in the best possible manner.

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Padavla Road, Veraval (Shapar), Taluka : Kotda Sangani , Rajkot , Gujarat 360024 India

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Captain Tractors Pvt. Ltd., Previously known as Asha Exim Pvt Ltd, was established in 1994 by the visionary farmer brothers Mr. G. T. Patel & Mr. M. T. Patel of Rajkot, India. The Company started developing a Mini Tractor, which can be afforded by small and medium farmers for performing their useful chores every day. The plant is located at Veraval Shapar, Dist. Rajkot, India.

After 4 years of rigorous efforts we came out with first success for manufacturing a Mini Tractor in India with 20 H.P. Series. This roll out was performed in our factory in the year 1998. After that our successful tractor was send for testing purpose at Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute (C.F.M.T. & T.I), Budni. Again we succeeded by gaining its Successful Test Report, which helped to get the tractor Enlisted with NABARD., for further approval like availability of Loans from Banks, and the Subsidy from the Govt. Further due compliance with The Automotive Research Association of India, PUNE (A.R.A.I.) was done to obtain C.M.V.R to ensure the R.T.O. Registrations in different states in India.

As manufacturers of tractors India and exporters of tractors India we also have gained Bharat Stage III-A accreditation.

The present Manufacturing plant is well equipped with Modern Tools &Equipment, along with advanced machineries, Quality Control Instruments, R & D Facility and Staff full of Trained, Efficient, And Qualified Engineers and Technocrat Personals. As one of the leading manufacturers of tractors India we ensure smooth, maintenance free and high quality of production of our entire range of Tractors.

Our company has well established Dealer Network which operates in various States/Districts of India. Our entire distribution network ensures prompt deliveries, and after sales services along with competitive prices.

The Company has been accredited An ISO 9001-2008 Certification.

As manufacturers of tractors in India we have also developed various implements and attachments that are required for its equivalent capacity of Tractor.

Apart from tractors, the Company has developed and is marketing- Self Propelled Reapers which are run on Diesel and Petrol-Kerosene for Rice, Wheat, Soya bean harvesting.

Further, the CAPTAIN MINI TRACTOR has been found to be a Great Boon in India as well as in Foreign Countries and thus we also sell increasingly as exporters of tractors from India. Our tractors are exported abroad in African Countries and other countries proving its International Quality.

Having brought the Tractor (farm mechanization) within the reach of the farmers, we aim at giving farmers the complete solution to his farming needs with help of Captain Mini Tractor.

Why select Captain Tractors?

  • Captain Tractor is well known as Chotta Tractor in India.
  • Captain Tractor is most suitable as a Vineyard Tractor applications like Grapes sprayer, Inter cultivation, etc.
  • Captain Tractor is very much popular as Orchard Tractor
  • Most of agriculture work cover by this Agriculture Tractor
  • In India this tractor also known as Baghban Tractor
  • Due to smaller in size and lesser in weight, This tractor is most suitable for Weeding Tractor
  • Captain Horticulture Tractor Very Useful for variant horticulture applications like Spray, Rotavator, etc
  • Due to lesser weight this tractor popular as Light Weight Tractor
  • This tractor most suitable for all power source of tractor application, so we call as Multipurpose Tractor
  • Many commercial applications also fitting in with this Commercial Tractor like Loader, Trailor, Backhoe, Dozer, etc.
  • In many farm-house this Tractor well known as Farmhouse Tractor which is useful in transportation as well as agriculture use as a Farm Tractor
  • This Mini Tractor very economic in fuel as well as less maintenance compare to other small size tractor so this tractor also known as Economic Tractor then Regular tractors
  • This Nano Tractor very useful in Small HP Tractor Segment.
  • We offer support and assistance to all our clients.
  • Great services, products and support from a leading Tractor Manufacturer.