Carmel Group Inc

Carmel Group Inc

Carmel Group Inc. began in 1974 with a simple goal: A quality product at a fair price. We are a leading manufacturer of animal markers, crayons, and tag markers. We have a wide variety of products for the marking of cows, sheep, pigs, and other livestock: Livestock Paint Crayons for long lasting, highly visible marks on livestock. Marks wet or dry skins, hided and pelts. Works under any weather condition and fade resistant. Non-toxic and lead free. Livestock Paint Twistable Crayons: Paint in solid form in a twistable plastic dispenser for long lasting marks. Carmel Group Inc. competes for excellence around the world.

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10220 Armand-Lavergne Ave , Montreal , Quebec H1H 3N4 Canada

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Industry Type:
Agriculture - Livestock
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Four decades on, Carmel Group Inc. is now an industry leader in the manufacture of Marking Products and Waxes. Carmel Group Inc.'s two divisions compete for excellence within the company and around the world.

Marking Products division:

  • Industrial Markers
  • Textile Markers
  • Livestock Markers

Wax Products division:

  • Dental Wax
  • Jewellery Wax
  • Primary Waxes & Customized Blends

Carmel Group Inc. is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We invite you to discuss your needs with our sales team.ff

Also available:livestock ear tag markers and pens, tag bottle markers, animal tattoo ink, roll on tattoo ink, livestock paint crayons, sheep marking crayons, sheep crayons, Ram marking crayon, Ewe marking crayon, twist-it livestock crayons, livestock tattoo ink, and various types of animal markers.