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CattleXpert LLC

The philosophy of CattleXpert, LLC is unique from other providers; we realize that everyone in the industry is just different enough to require custom solutions. Even though you`ll find that our product line covers your major needs for managing the feed yard, here at CattleXpert we have recognized that not everyone has the same management practices. That`s where our solutions will differ from others in the industry. We`ll work with you to analyze, define, and deliver solutions specific to your business, solutions that meet your requirements, and solutions that deliver to your bottom-line.

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20507 Nicholas Circle Suite 100 , Elkhorn , Nebraska 68022 USA

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The Xpert Series
CattleXpert consists of a series of modules all optimized for specific areas of the feed yard. The key to getting all of the areas to work together is the Xpert Series approach. Our modules are designed to work the way that feed yard management and personnel think. We let your business drive the use of the software, not the other way around.

Modularized components provide flexibility and efficiency.

Sharing the workload has always been a proven method for leveraging resources and getting the work done faster and with less error. With the modules in the Xpert series, we let your staff focus on the areas that they are responsible for. If you have a smaller staff that enters data for more than one area, why not let them work with the intuitive interface that we've created, and let them comfortably enter data into areas separated by a common sense approach?

CattleXpert, as a single inventory management and feeding program which includes VetXpert and MoveXpert, works in conjunction with our bunk and feeding program FeedXpert. To further capitalize on the single entry benefit, the Load Box Interface and MillXpert were designed to simplify the feed loading process.

If your operation is in need of tracking cattle on an individual basis before they even reach your feedlot, consider using CattleXpert at any of the stocker or background yards. It will allow you to follow their movement and financial risk before even being inducted at the yard, and depending on the situation, can integrate to the yard’s CattleXpert program. 

For those operations that rely on cattle being run outside of the physical yard, use OutsideCattleXpert to track the costs and movements on a much more simplified scale.

If you are a smaller operation and don’t have the time or inclination to manage your books, let CattleXpert do it for you using our new CattleXpertCentral (CXC).  A remote service where our data entry person inputs your information from simple forms you fill in and fax or email to us.  We provide back all your regular weekly and monthly reports including yard sheets, consumption reports, invoices and even closeouts!

ReproXpert is yet another module in CattleXpert that was developed to assist with operations management of their dairy heifer development or their commercial cow herd.  This module gives the producer quick access to manage breeding events, track matings, perform check weights and much more.  Because it is within CattleXpert all of these animals are also included on the company’s yardsheet and in the feeding program.