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  • CattleXpert


    CattleXpert delivers results where other software leaves off!

  • CattleXpert - Stocker Operations

    CattleXpert - Stocker Operations

    For all the stocker and background producers, we have simplified our main product and geared it specifically to your needs! CattleXpert™ gives you the capabilities of a feed yard, while simplifying the processes to make it manageable and affordable for smaller operations. This program can be run off a single computer or can be networked, that still incorporates the FeedXpert program allowing you to create feed sheets and view consumption graphs....

  • CattleXpertCentral


    CattleXpertCentral is the new option in cattle bookkeeping.  For those operations that don’t have the time or inclination to keep the records, CXC gives you a new alternative.  Simply fax or email in the information on your cattle when they are received, keep us updated on the price of your commodities and medical items, let us know what you processed or treated them with, send us your feed sheets, and let us know when the cattle left....

  • ReproXpert


    ReproXpert was developed for the management of breeding data to be kept on an individual level. This allows for seamless management within CattleXpert for treatments, feeding, cost tracking and closeouts. Use chuteside with EID equipment to record various breeding events including matings, preg-checks, etc. Keeps track of cattle conditions, technicians, sires, and more. Customized features to target accurate 1st breeding dates, gestation ranges, etc....

  • Buyers Projection Tool

    Buyers Projection Tool

    Creating a valuable tool for buyer and owners alike to create on the fly projections on your cattle based off of your predefined parameters. Use it separately or link it to your CattleXpert system to download won contract data and automatically tie to the original projection. For use on handhelds.

  • PDA Information Collection

    PDA Information Collection

    Collecting chute side data or moving cattle in the yard will soon become even more efficient and real time by the person utilizing a PDA while on horseback or on foot. With the yard connected by RF coverage, the PDA offers one more application for stream-lining data entry where the information is the best.